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Serviced Apartments in Preston

Preston is a historic city in the northern English county of Lancashire. It has a rich maritime and industrial heritage, evidenced by fascinating sites such as the Ribble Steam Railway and Preston docks. Visitors have the opportunity to tour the scenic local parks, observe the fascinating architecture of the historic buildings and enjoy retail therapy at the popular shopping centres. If you're really keen to experience the delights of this major city then it would be worth booking accommodation in one of our affordable serviced apartments today.

Those of you with an interest in local history are encouraged to begin the Preston tour at Hoghton Tower. This awe inspiring structure was built during the 16th century as a residence for the aristocratic de Hoghton family. It features a variety of lavishly decorated state rooms, a great banqueting hall and extensive gardens. Visitors are able to scale the heights of the tower and enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding Lancashire landscape. However, it's worth leaving time for a walk around the stately Salmesbury halls. Just beware that this 14th century residence is said to be haunted.

It is possible to learn more about Preston's history during a visit to the museum of Lancashire.  Historic periods from the Jurassic to the contemporary are chronicled at this popular discovery centre. You can view ornamental artefacts, traditional fish and chip fryers, locally inspired paintings and natural wonders before enjoying a refreshing cup of coffee at the museum cafĂ©. Then view the marvellous steam locomotives at the Ribble Steam Railway.

Those of you visiting Preston during the summer months will undoubtedly be keen to try some of the outdoor activities. You could have a go at catching salmon, sea trout and grayling at one of the local fishing centres. Alternatively you may enjoy a gentle river cruise along the Lancaster canal. You might also enjoy some high octane action at the Trax motorsport go karting centre.

You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to evening entertainment in Preston. You could begin with a hearty meal at one of the traditional pubs. Then catch a fantastic dramatic performance at Preston's grand theatre. If you're really keen to dance the night away then it would be worth heading for the bright lights of Blackpool. Just remember to leave enough money for a taxi at the end of a truly enjoyable night.

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