Serviced Apartments Maidenhead


Serviced Apartments in Maidenhead

The prosperous town of Maidenhead is situated in the southern English county of Berkshire. It is home to 78,000 people, many of whom work for the major local businesses. However, the town boasts a good range of interesting sites and attracts tourists from across the United Kingdom. Some people enjoy scenic walks along the river Thames, while others take the opportunity to visit the quaint shopping areas of Maidenhead. If you're really keen to explore this historic town then it would be worth booking in at some of the accommodation made available from the many luxury serviced apartments in this area.

Those of you with an interest in local history are encouraged to begin with a tour of the Maidenhead Heritage Centre. This popular attraction features a range of exhibits which date back to the early Roman period. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about the development of the local motoring industry and experience the excitement of a Spitfire simulator flight. There may also be time to view the wartime artefacts at the History on Wheels museum in Windsor. You'll probably be keen to try some of the outdoor activities during summertime breaks in Maidenhead. It might be tempting to hire some bikes and set off on the scenic path which stretches through the historic heart of London and on to the Cotswolds. Alternatively you could explore the historic woodland and observe the wildlife at Ray Mill Island. Then hunt for bargains at one of the markets in the centre of town.

You may enjoy a variety of cultural delights during evenings in Maidenhead. Dramatic performances and musical events are regularly scheduled at Norden Farm Centre for the Arts. The latest blockbusters are shown at the local multiplex cinema. You may even treat the kids to a game of ten pin bowling or a visit to the Thames Valley Adventure Playground. An enjoyable evening may be rounded off with some fine cuisine at one of the local restaurants. Whether you have a taste for traditional English favourites or exotic Indian delights, there's a suitable dining establishment in Maidenhead.