Sheffield Serviced Apartments


Serviced Apartments in Sheffield

In a bustling city like Sheffield with so much to do and so many things to see, it can pay off to be staying right in the centre of it all so you have easy access to complete your itinerary. Even better is to stay in accommodation where you can feel at home, even if home is many miles away. What’s more, to stay in your own apartment that has its own private kitchen gives you the freedom to cook what you want, when you want – so you don’t have to flutter all your spends on expensive restaurants every night of your stay. 

That’s where Citybase Apartments comes in. We have a range of excellent serviced apartments in Sheffield, both in the heart of the city, and on the outskirts for those looking for a more relaxed pace. 

New to Serviced Apartments? 

If it’s your first time in a serviced apartment we’re sure you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised by how spacious, homely and convenient they are. Our apartments have similarities with some hotels, as they offer relaxing places to sleep and regular maid and lined services. But they also go one better than hotels. Typically with a serviced apartment you will get more space than an equivalent hotel. Plus, your own fully equipped kitchen and dining spaces allow you to cook and entertain at your leisure. 

Most apartments also have basic entertainment facilities and a comfortable lounge area. There are a number of room options to choose from, some with en-suite facilities.