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Serviced Apartments in Bedford

Set on the River Great Ouse, Bedford is the county town of Bedfordshire set in the south east of England. This quaint town is home to a number of historical sites including Bedford Castle Mound and St Paul's Church. Other highlights include Bedford Park, The Embankment along the river and Cardington airship hangars which have been the set for movie scenes for blockbusters such as Batman Begins, Inception, and The Dark Knight.

Why should you visit Bedford

Bedford is a historic county town in Bedfordshire. A great commuter town, Bedford is often dismissed as a city break; however, this welcoming and pleasant town is abundant with beautiful countryside, artwork, and traditional pubs brimming with character.

The Middle Ages saw Bedford found itself as a popular market town, with traders coming from the surrounding area to sell their produce. Bedford Castle built in medieval times, also remains a prominent feature of Bedford. The ruins of Bedford Castle remain in close to the centre of the modern town.

This charming riverside town is halved by the River Great Ouse which flows through the town centre and is lines with manicured gardens known as the Embankment. Bedford is also renowned as one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse towns in the UK in relation to its size. 

New to Serviced Apartments?

Our serviced apartments in Bedford make a refreshing change to a hotel and are perfect whether you are looking for accommodation for just one night or longer. Featuring basic kitchenettes, or fully-equipped kitchens with all the essentials, this alternative option to a hotel room, is the perfect way to spend your stay. Serviced apartments also offer more space, flexibility, and privacy than your average accommodation, making them more family friendly, perfect for groups and ideal for couples.

Things to do in Bedford

Bedford is ideally located near to Birmingham, Oxford and Cambridge, and London is less than a 40 minute journey away by train. Bedford itself is peppered with museums and art galleries, as well as being home to numerous parks and golf courses.

Bedford Castle was a large medieval castle and the site of this fortress, had been fortified since the eighth century. This historic site can be located on the banks of the River Great Ouse, and visitors standing at the top of the mound can overlook the embankment gardens. The Higgins Art Gallery and Museum also provides the perfect place to explore the history of Bedford. This museum is bursting with character and is the town’s principal museum. Housed in a complex which includes old brewery buildings, this family run museum has been redeveloped to become a popular attraction in Bedford centre.

Best time of the year to visit Bedford

Bedford’s charm and welcoming atmosphere is available to visitors year round, and whilst the English weather can be unpredictable, you will always be able to find something to explore and destinations to visit whilst staying here. During the winter months temperatures drop to below one Celsius, whereas, between the months of May and August, the climate becomes more pleasant with temperatures reaching the early twenties.

During the summer months guests can see Bedford at its best. Golf courses become more popular with the weather, and visitors can explore more of the parks and open green spaces in the town.

Places to eat in Bedford

Bedford’s restaurants, cafes, and bars reflect the town’s multi-cultural community and diversity. From traditional Turkish food to Italian cuisine, this town is sure to tantalise taste buds. If you fancy a change then London, with its plethora of cuisines is just a 35 minute journey by public transport.