The Top 4 Best Staycations UK: destinations for a fantastic holiday

The Top 4 Best Staycations UK: destinations for a fantastic holiday

The Top 4 Best Staycations UK: destinations for a fantastic holiday

Staycation holidays are sometimes viewed as inferior alternatives to package holidays abroad, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The best staycations, UK, provide the same sense of adventure, discovery and enjoyment that any trip away might bring, and often for a very reasonable price. When travelling abroad isn’t an option, making the most of the best places for a staycation right on your doorstep is a must – as is enjoying your holiday in a serviced apartment. Join us as we explore the top 4 best staycation destinations in the UK.

1. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the best staycations UK
Views of Edinburgh's spectacular skyline are nothing short of majestic

It is easy to see why Edinburgh earns its place in the list of best staycations, UK. With charming winding streets, ornate architecture and plenty of incredible venues to explore, Edinburgh boasts a mesmerising atmosphere that continues to entice countless visitors. Whether you’re a history buff who loves to learn about a city’s past through its many museums, or a devoted foodie keen on sampling some of the city’s finest food offerings, Edinburgh has it all. Its most iconic structure, Edinburgh Castle, looms over the city atop Castle Rock - an area thought to have been inhabited since the Iron Age - offering awe inspiring views of the city and beyond. Furthermore, Citybase has some of the finest serviced apartments in Edinburgh in its portfolio, so planning your perfect staycation has never been easier.

Edinburgh Broughton Apartments
The Broughton Street Lofts offer spacious and stylish holiday living

Apartments such as those offered by Broughton Street Lofts provide an ideal holiday home to enjoy with all the family. With plenty of room for children and adults to enjoy separately and together when they choose to, families can make the most of their time together - even on rainy days when a board game session is called for!

2. Chester

Chester streets
Chester's impressive range of Tudor and Victorian architecture makes it a city filled with discoveries

Chester is ideally placed close to the Welsh border, meaning it offers its visitors ample opportunity to explore both Cheshire and North Wales. As cities for the best staycations, UK, go, Chester is surely one of the best. This walled city has stood since 79 AD when it was established as a Roman fort, and as such is filled with incredible examples of Roman constructions – many of which can be explored as part of the hugely popular Dewa Roman Experience. Beyond its impressively preserved Roman history, Chester is also filled with restored medieval architecture, with its high-streets lined with black and white Tudor style frontages, making a shopping spree in this city one to remember. Chester is also an ideal getaway for those with children, as the city is just a short drive from one of Europe’s largest zoos – Chester Zoo, which for many is the jewel in the crown in the city's selection of activities.

City Suites apartments for the best staycations UK
City Suites Apartments are modern, cosy, and conveniently located close to Chester train station

Staycation holidays are best enjoyed in spacious, peaceful accommodation; luckily we have serviced apartments in Chester ideal for the task. One such example is City Suites Apartments, which provide high quality, fully equipped lodgings to make the most of your stay. Whether for a couples’ romantic retreat or a family city break, there is an apartment to suit all in this modern and stylish complex.

3. York

York Shambles
The Shambles in York features buildings dating back to the fourteenth century

Another walled city steeped in Roman history, York is famed for its picturesque streets and boutique shops. With the incredibly popular Viking centre, Jorvik, drawing tourists from across the world, as well as the National Railway Museum attracting crowds, York is a bustling and thriving city, but with spectacular surrounding countryside that offers a peaceful escape. There is plenty to do in the city, from spending an afternoon exploring the unique shops on offer, to hiring a boat and taking a ride along the river. With a lively night life, plenty of family friendly venues to visit and a wealth of history to discover, York is filled with things to do during a staycation city break.  

best staycations uk nice apartment bedroom
York Terrace Apartments specialise in making guests feel at home

York Terrace Apartments provide an ideal base from which to explore one of the best staycations the UK has to offer. These bright yet intimate apartments have a homely feel in keeping with the city of York itself, meaning you can easily settle into a relaxed holiday routine upon arrival. The apartments are also just a few minutes away from the River Ouse, meaning majestic views and walks are within easy reach. Many more serviced apartments in York can be browsed on our site - find one to suit your taste.

4. Bath

Bath is one of the best staycations KU
Bath's Royal Crescent is one of the city's most striking and iconic features

The splendid city of Bath, named after its Roman-built baths, shot to prominence in the 17th century when many believed the water from its springs had curative powers. Since then the city has expanded to become one of the finest in the UK, in terms of its beautifully arranged streets, buildings and parks. Many of the city’s buildings are crafted from the beautiful Bath stone, lending Bath an iridescent, bright quality in sunshine – with notable buildings including the Royal Crescent and Circus. With its more peaceful setting, Bath is perhaps better suited to couples planning a trip away. Its architecture offers plenty to be admired, and exploring the vaulted heights of Bath Abbey and the vibrant shops of Pulteney Bridge presents plenty of photographic opportunities and chances for memorable romantic moments.

SACO apartment Bath
SACO Bath - St James's Parade Apartments are thoughtfully designed with a contemporary, sleek feel

Nowhere is better suited to a romantic city break in Bath than the SACO Bath - St James's Parade Apartments. These stylish apartments are beautifully appointed, centrally located and set within a lovingly restored Georgian property. Just a short walk away from the famous Roman Baths and a range of shops and restaurants, enjoying your staycation in St James’s Parade Apartments certainly won’t be difficult.

Decided on your staycation destination? Browse our complete portfolio of apartments to arrange your perfect UK holiday. Whether for a long stay, or short city break, a serviced apartment with Citybase is your best choice – find out more by reading about some of the benefits serviced apartments offer.

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