Staying a While: Benefits of Serviced Apartments

Staying a While: Benefits of Serviced Apartments

Staying a While: Benefits of Serviced Apartments

Looking for accommodation can be a hassle; with many options out there, the hospitality market is always growing and changing. Long-stays have even more choices, from long-stay hotels to B&Bs offering competitive rates and deals. So, what is your best option?

Serviced Apartments have been around much longer than most people think, the industry has matured and continues to grow along with the demand. Not only ideal for short-stays, serviced apartments are also a great choice for long-stays. If you are looking for not just a place to sleep, but somewhere to live, enjoy, and explore the location like a local, then serviced apartments are your ideal accommodation.


long staysStaying with a group of people and need your own space for a while? Serviced apartments offer more rooms than a standard hotel, meaning if you need your own privacy an apartment can accommodate you. After you are all checked in, you are free to come and go as you please, host family and friends, or have a romantic date night in. Staying for a while means more opportunity to see your friends and family in the local area. You won’t be in danger of disturbing anyone and no one will encroach on your private space within your apartment.


Family spending time together at home

The average serviced apartment offers much more space than alternative accommodation options. Even studio apartments offer more spacious rooms, with basic kitchenettes or fully equipped kitchens fitted as well. With a longer stay having enough space is important, whether you are travelling alone, as a group, as a family, or as a couple. Even the smaller apartments offer separate living areas perfect for relaxing after a day out, without the need to sit on the bed after coming back to your accommodation.


Preparing food at the kitchen

Overall, being a long staying guest in a serviced apartment will save you money. With every week you book, nights are often discounted at a rate, making them a more viable alternative than other accommodation. Fitted with either basic kitchenettes or fully equipped kitchens serviced apartments allow you to cook at your convenience without the extra expense of going out to eat every night.


Mid Adult Man Having Cocktail at PoolMost serviced apartments come with different onsite facilities. Aside from housekeeping services and welcome packs, some serviced apartments benefit from having stunning swimming pools, fitness suites, and on-site restaurants. After a day out some serviced apartments allow you to benefit from all the good parts of a hotel, from room service, a concierge, complimentary breakfasts and on-site bars, while at the same time you can relax in your own fully furnished apartment.


long stayLive like a local in the location you’ve chosen. Go and explore the fresh food markets and cook amazing dishes to wow your friends and family. In a serviced apartment your accommodation isn’t just a space to sleep, it is where you can live, free of boundaries and with more flexibility than other options. Our serviced apartments at Citybase Apartments are close to amenities and near to city centres, perfect for exploring attractions and keeping yourself busy.


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