Bath Serviced Apartment


Serviced Apartments in Bath

Bath is renowned as being a town of beauty, artwork, and roman foundations. This sprawling town of honey-coloured Bath stone, and greenery is a popular citybreak among tourists and travellers. Its medieval architecture and spas are famous internationally and people travel all year round to discover the benefits of the thermal’s minerals.

Why should you visit Bath

In 1987 Bath was formally inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its Roman foundations as a spa city have long been preserved in this unique town. This incredible town is even home to some of the most important Roman ruins north of the Alps. Bath was founded in the 1st century AD and has, over the years, become an important centre of trade in the wool industry.

This town not only maintains its origins, but also reflects periods of history often lost in many other cities and towns. Bath’s architecture is a combination of many styles, from Neo-classical seen in the Assembly Rooms and the Pump Room to the Georgian townhouses that line the streets. This harmony of different styles makes Bath a unique town in England both architecturally, and historically.

New to Serviced Apartments?

Bath is home to a variety of serviced apartments offering you an alternative accommodation option. Serviced apartments in Bath offer guests the opportunity to live like a local in this marvellous city. Cook up different dishes in your own kitchen and dine in with a separate dining area.

A range of bedroom options means you won’t disturb any of your group or family if you decide to stay up late and watch films in the living room. Bath serviced apartments give guests more space, flexibility, and privacy. 

Things to do in Bath

Over the years Bath has played home to many famous art and literary figures. Many of the names include Charles Dickens who visited Bath frequently and loved the history behind the city, Jacqueline Wilson, a popular children’s book author who was born in Bath, and Jane Austen, whose family moved to this beautiful city. This literary history has led to Bath being renowned for its creative atmosphere and its educational course in art and literature. The Jane Austen Centre, Victoria Art Gallery and Museum of bath Architecture are all dedicated to preserving the figures who helped contribute to Bath’s cultural past.

Bath’s origins as a thermal spa town means that preserved Roman baths, spas, and pools pepper the city. Relax in the spa waters that are brimming with beneficial salts and minerals and round it off with one of the spas restaurants or cafes. Architecture around Bath is one of a king and medieval styles combined with Georgian and Gothic detail can be found at Bath Abbey, the Royal Crescent, Circus and Pulteney Bridge all of which are surrounded by high street shops and cosy independent boutiques.

If you fancy seeing some of England’s most spectacular attractions then less than an hour’s drive away from Bath town centre guests can find the breath-taking Cheddar Gorge, Cheddar Caves, and Stonehenge.

Best time of the year to visit Bath

Bath offers awe inspiring landscapes and attractions all year round. From snow-covered roof tops and lightly dusted frost over the detailed gargoyles that top the Abbey to the sun pouring down on the outside thermal baths and green trees that cut the skyline. Anytime of the year, Bath offers guests things to do and places to explore.

During the winter months Bath offers Christmas markets, bright sparkling fairy lights that swing from building to building and cosy cafes with hot chocolates and open fires. Spring brings greenery and wildlife in abundance to local parks and Claverton Down that surrounds the south of the town. Summer allows guests to bask in the heat as they enjoy the shops and the nearby golf courses. As autumn comes around, red and browns envelope the city in crunchy leaves and misty mornings soaked in dewdrops.

Places to eat in Bath

Bath offers plenty of places to tantalise taste buds. International restaurants and takeaways along with gourmet traditional English dishes means there will be something for everybody in this town. If you fancy a night in then head back to your serviced apartment and see what you can cook up.