15 Best Board Games to Play In An Apartment

15 Best Board Games to Play In An Apartment

15 Best Board Games to Play In An Apartment

Board games or bored of games? There are numerous great board games to play while staying in at home, but the question is, which one do you play first? We’ve created a top list of board games to play when you’re at home. Whether you’re with your family and friends, or you want to keep the kids busy for a while, this list will certainly give you some top choices to try at home.



A monopoly board with the Go sign being the main focus.
On your marks, get set, GO!

Get ready for the game that will perhaps cause family arguments, especially if you land on Mayfair and there appears to be a hotel on the lot! As a game that is all about property and location, Monopoly can be played for any length of time and has even been known to last as long as 70 days straight! Be careful what you start, because once you pass GO, there’s no going back…


A Cluedo board with someones hand moving the pieces.
The ultimate 'who done it'!

Put your detective skills to the test and enter into the mystery game Cluedo that has left families baffled for days! Was it Miss Scarlet in the library with the rope? Or perhaps it was Mr. Green in the kitchen with the knife? Trust nothing but your gut and find out who the murderer is before your fellow players do…

Gibsons 221B Baker Street Game

A board with pieces moving around with a dice also.
Where's Watson when you need him?

How many Sherlock Holmes’ does it take to figure out a board game? Well, the answer is as many as you want, but it only takes one to win it! With clues hidden around the board’s Streets of London, it’s up to you to figure out just how the crime was committed and by whom. Featuring 75 different cases that all come with a list of possible suspects, this game certainly will keep you guessing right up until the last minute!

Two-Player Games


Little boy and grandpa playing chess
Are you thinking two moves ahead?

A game that is all about strategy and knowing your opponent better than you know yourself, chess is truly a test of skill. With a limitless amount of ways to win, the game comes down to who knows who best and whether you can win based on skill, or your opponent's weakness. Leave you king bare to your opponent and the game is over, but be careful of the Queen, she has more moves up her sleeve than you may think.

7 Wonders: Duel

A medieval style board game with coins and treasure moving around the board.
Let the battle commence...

3 ways to win, 3 different eras to explore and 2 players to battle for the title. As the winner of the Golden Geek Best 2-play Board Game Award, 7 Wonders: Duel is a fantastic game to play one on one with a friend or family member. Taking around half an hour to play, be sure to move quickly to get to your opponent's city!



Family sat around a board game playing Codenames.
How fast can you break the code to protect your agents?

Become a spy and master the art of code breaking in this nail-biting game between teams. As two teams race against each other to discover their agent’s real names before the other, a heart-racing suspense begins and the clock begins to tick. Who will break the code first?


A hand holding cards different UNO cards.
Don't lose your cool, as you never know what the next card could be!

As one of the most iconic and classic games in the world, UNO is a great option when having friends or family over for an evening. Known to cause arguments amongst friends, be careful as each card has a different trick up its sleeve! With plain cards to add your own rules to, the game can turn at any point. Be sure to shout Uno with one card left otherwise the win won’t count!

Teens/ Young adults

Would I lie to you?

A group of friends drinking and laughing while playing the game
No, but really, would I lie to you?

Just like the hit TV show on BBC, the board game is a test of your deception skills. Can you master a straight face and think on your feet long enough to hoodwink your opponents? Perfect for teens or young adults with a large group. Get ready to test your friends’ poker faces!

The Jumanji Classic Board Game

A poster for the Jumanji film production
The drums are getting closer...

Can you hear that? It sounds like drumming… You’ve seen the films and now it’s time to play the game. But be warned, once you’ve entered into the game, there’s no going back until someone wins. Keep your eyes open for hunters, as he may be lurking around every corner.


Ideal Dream Phone Game

Two teen girls playing on their phones.
From your secret admirer! XOXO

At a sleepover and fancy a fun game to play with all the girls? The Ideal Dream Phone Game has always been a party favourite. With calls and texts coming from your secret admirer, you’ll have to figure out who it might be by listening carefully and taking notes. With 48 different crushes it could be, it’ll take skill, wits and a lot of phone calls to figure out just who might have a crush on you!

The Genius Square

A group of kids high-5ing in the centre.
How many combinations of the puzzle can you come up with?

With a possible combination of 62,208 possible puzzles, it isn’t called the Genius Square for no reason! The aim of the game is to complete the square before your opponent to win the title. With 7 blockers in your way, it may seem tricky at times, but keep going, as there is always a way to complete the square.


Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters

A hand throwing dice across the board game
I ain't afraid of no ghost!

If you’ve ever fancied your chances against a ghost, here is your chance to put yourself to the test! Can your team escape the haunted house with all 8 treasures without being caught? Time to roll the dice and see if you have what it takes to fight off the terrible ghosts!

Horrible Histories

Little girl playing a board game and learning.
How many facts will you remember?

How well do you know history and the odd things that happened back in that time? To win this game you need a good deal of knowledge. Put your brain to the test to see if you can answer these (very odd) questions about the past and move around the board. With over 600 questions to answer throughout different games, you certainly won’t be short on historic facts once you’ve finished!

Young Children


4 children gathered around a board game.
Move quickly as you don't want to be outfoxed!

Mrs. Plumpert’s prized pie has been stolen and it’s up to you and your little ones to find it! With special clues located across the board, you’ll have to travel to each location to try and find it. Pick up clues along the way and keep an eye on the clock as you may just be outfoxed by the culprit! Perfect for 2 - 4 players, with each game only lasting 15 minutes, meaning there’s just enough time for you to have a cupper.

Ravensburger Labyrinth Game

Mother helping her 2 young children to play the board game.
How will you escape an ever-changing maze?

An a-maze-ing adventure awaits you in this ever-changing game of discovery. With a constantly moving maze, players will take it in turns to move around the maze and find their magical missing objects. Don’t worry about remembering how you entered the maze though, as it certainly won’t be staying that way for long….

A board game is a classic way to spend some quality time with friends or family. No matter where you are, or what you’re doing, there is always time for a board game! Causing family rivalry or frenemies, board games can certainly bring out the best and worst in people… but they will always bring a smile to your face! Want to put your fully furnished kitchen to the test? Check out some of our top recipes to try in a serviced apartment here!

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