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Romans adore eating really good food and the city centre obviously has the highest concentration of tourists so it can quite easy to fall into the tourist traps but if you see a restaurant packed with locals, go for it. Most likely, it will be a good place. In Rome, you’ll find out that Italians are more than just pasta and pizza. The hundreds and hundreds of restaurants of this city will delight you with all kind of gastronomic specialties.
Da Lucia, located in the heart of Trastevere, was founded in 1938 by Sister Lucia and originally it was just a wine bar.  However, it is now one of the most revered traditional Roman restaurants in the city.  Open for almost three quarters of a century and handed down to the fourth generation, the trattoria Da Lucia offers a cuisine based on simplicity, there is not a huge variety but what the do have is amazing.  Any one of the pasta dishes will tingle your taste buds but especially popular are the classic spaghetti gricia, the pens to, spaghetti with cheese and pepper and Bombolotti Amatriciana.

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