Top 5 Romantic Destinations For The Perfect Valentine's Day

Top 5 Romantic Destinations For The Perfect Valentine's Day

Top 5 Romantic Destinations For The Perfect Valentine's Day

As the most romantic day of the year approaches, plenty of us will be planning an exciting treat for our partners on Valentine's Day. To help you find the right romantic weekend away for the special occasion, here at Citybase Apartments, we have put together the top five most romantic destinations in the UK and what to do while you are there. So go on... Why not sweep your other half off their feet and ride into the sunset?


London sunset, Big Ben, Westminster Bridge

Of course, if you are a resident of the capital the shine may well have worn off, but for the rest of the country, London can be the perfect destination for a romantic weekend break.

The skyline is truly stunning and there is an almost endless list of interesting places to visit. For a bit of inspiration this fantastic list from The Telegraph shows a number of low key romantic spots to check out.

Of course London has been the location for many of the most memorable romantic films ever made, with this list from BuzzFeed allowing you to visit locations from Bridget Jones to Love Actually and everything in-between.


Edinburgh Castle

Giving London a run for its money in the most interesting capital category is of course Edinburgh which is full of history, charm and beauty.

The Scottish capital has everything to offer; from tours around its famous castle to the stunning views from Arthur’s Seat, from the beautiful Royal Mile to the cultural hub that is the Filmhouse Independent Cinema.

Edinburgh is so steeped in history and Scottish culture that it can make for a truly unique experience, especially for those who don’t often head north of the border.


Evening Bath

Easily one of the UK’s most breathtaking cities, Bath brings together a rich history and architectural beauty with all the characteristics of a truly modern city.

Surrounded by flowing countryside, the city originates as far back as 60 AD when the Romans built bath spas here, from which the city derives its name.

The baths still exist today, in the heart of the city amongst the beautiful light stone buildings, all of which give the city a unique and beautiful look. Whether you are there in the winter or the summer, the city has a romantic aura that has to be experienced to be understood.

On top of all this it has plenty of fantastic restaurants, music and arts venues and a stunning view from the top of Alexandra Park which is only a short walk from the city centre.


Brighton Pier

In a previous poll from eHarmony, Brighton was the runner up in a search to find the nation’s most popular proposal spots, proving the seaside destination is up there with the best romantic destinations.

Brighton is one of the UK’s cultural hubs, with fantastic festivals and celebrations taking place here all year long.

While February isn’t the nicest time of the year for a swim in the channel, the seaside can still provide a beautiful backdrop to your weekend away. The great thing about Brighton is that it has more of a soul than many other seaside destinations, so it isn’t defined by it.

From its excellent range of restaurants to its brilliant music and entertainment venues (Theatre Royal, Music Hall & Brighton Dome), from its healthy LGBT & countercultural community to its traditional sea front, Brighton has much to offer.


Streets of York

Much like Bath, York is steeped in history and that is reflected in its beautiful architecture. From exploring the Cathedral to visiting the National Railway Museum, York’s foothold in history spans centuries.

The city centre’s streets are quite something to behold, with overhanging upper floors and classic Tudor designs, it’s like stepping back in time.

The pokey streets are filled with small shops, restaurants and traditional pubs which are the perfect anecdote for a cold February weekend. The city walls provide a great view of the city and also make for a romantic walk.

Despite its relatively small size there is so much to do, more of which can be found on this list from Trip Advisor.

If you are visiting any of these romantic spots, why not check our great range of serviced apartments in London, Edinburgh, Bath, Brighton and York for a spacious, quiet and comfortable place to call home during your romantic weekend away.

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