Mission possible! How to spend 36 hours in Munich

Mission possible! How to spend 36 hours in Munich

Mission possible! How to spend 36 hours in Munich

Here at Citybase, we don’t just recommend and book our apartments and locations – we pride ourselves on our first-hand knowledge and passion for travel. As such, our Marketing Support specialist – Belle - took a break to the magical German city of Munich with her friend Claire, and has reported back on their fabulous 36-hour getaway.

When booking our flights to Munich, Claire and I may not have been very well prepared, but it didn’t take away from our excitement in the slightest…did I mention that we booked the flights the weekend before? The good thing about Citybase serviced apartments is that no matter the spontaneity of your trip, you’re bound to find home from home accommodation at your chosen destination. You can book many of our serviced apartments directly through our website for instant accommodation suited to your trip – no matter how last minute it may be! Before we knew it we were packing our bags and getting ready for our adventure.

Arriving in Munich

We couldn’t contain our excitement as we landed at Munich International Airport! Once we had collected our bags we headed off to explore the city. We decided the easiest way to get there would be a quick bus ride and then a train into the centre. The journey itself only lasted around 50 minutes but the views on the way made it a fascinating introduction to Munich and its incredible surroundings. Travelling through the German countryside made us forget we were heading into a bustling city.

A image of Claire looking out the window of the train as we head into the centre of the city.
Claire enjoying the train journey to the city

The U-Bahn is possibly the easiest underground system I have ever used. If you’re only sticking to the centre and the airport, you have just five lines to choose from before you find the right one! With the locals more than willing to help you out too, you can’t go too wrong with public transport. I would definitely recommend walking within the city itself, no matter where you go, as Munich is full of interesting places and people; on public transport, you may just miss out!

Exploring Munich

As soon as we arrived at our apartment we dropped off our suitcases and immediately shot out again to begin exploring the city centre. It soon became clear that Munich is filled with historic buildings standing alongside modern architecture – it is a simply stunning combination.

A large fountain as you enter into the main centre of the city
Munich contains many impressive spectacles such as this stunning fountain

While exploring and noting down the bierkellers we would visit later, we stumbled across some of the most beautiful churches Munich has to offer. While spending 36 hours in Munich I recommend visiting as many of these churches as you can, as their staggering architecture is enough to take your breath away. One church we particularly enjoyed viewing was Theatine Church – featuring some amazingly intricate architecture, it was a real treat to stumble across this place. With high ceilings and hidden alcoves, the imposing church makes you feel quite small in comparison. The best part about visiting these churches is looking up and seeing the time and effort that went into painting and carving the walls and vaulted ceilings.

Marienplatz in the centre of the Old Town Munich
The stunning Marienplatz Central Square in the centre of the town

Besides the majestic churches spread throughout the city, Marienplatz Central Square in Munich is one of the most architecturally pleasing constructions I have ever seen. With every inch of its buildings detailed perfectly, the gothic structures will leave you in awe. Be sure to also visit at night, when the square is spectacularly illuminated for the whole city to enjoy.

The centre of town is lined with some gorgeous buildings

Munich Residenz

A room full of gold photo frames

As the largest city palace in Germany, the Residenz is a must-visit spectacle during your break to Munich. Located in central Munich, the palace was once home to the Wittelsbach monarch of Bavaria. For seven euros entry, the palace really is worth a visit –the magnificently decadent and memorable rooms will stay with you for years to come. Each one is decked wall to wall with the richest colour and furnishings, proving just how wealthy the royals were in their day.

Neuschwanstein Castle

View of Neuschwanstein Castle from the bottom of the hill
The view from the ground up to Neuschwanstein Castle

For the perfect day trip from the city, make sure Neuschwanstein Castle in on your list. Built during the 19th century, the Romanesque castle was once home to Ludwig II of Bavaria – who was king of Bavaria until he became bankrupt after restoring many castles around the area. He later died in 1886 from mysterious circumstances and supposed madness. As you climb the hill to Neuschwanstein, if you turn just at the point before the trees you’ll see another castle across the way. This is the childhood home of Ludwig II named Hohenschwangau Castle, and it was built by his Father Ludwig I. You may also notice a significant size difference between the castles of Ludwig I and Ludwig II…

Looking up at the Castle and blue sky
The views of the castle are impressive from start to finish

If there is one thing to know about this stunning place, it’s that the views are simply unforgettable. Once getting off the train in Fussen, we jumped onto the 73 bus and headed up the winding roads, higher and higher through the mountain and trees. As we ascended through the trees it became clear why this place is such a tourist hot spot. (See above photograph.) This was the view we were greeted with as we got off the bus. Looking up to the castle we thought there was no way we could hike the distance in less than an hour, however, there is a perfectly planned path that leads all the way up. With horse-drawn carriages taking people up and down for 7 euros, you can enjoy the view while indulging in the fairy-tale lifestyle.

Claire looking out over at the tress on the other mountain
Claire enjoying the view from the castle

If you want to see around the inside of the castle, pre-book your tickets online and get to the castle a good half hour before your tour as it can get very busy with tourists eager to explore the exquisite castle interior.

Belle in front of the Castle on a hiking path
The view from one of the hiking trails

If you’re lucky enough to spend more than a couple of hours here, I would recommend spending a few days in the area to experience the spectacular local hikes and see the castle and surrounding mountains from all angles. A walk we attempted took us down some steps to the side of the castle and overlooked a breathtaking waterfall.

Munich nightlife

3 band members playing music in the square
A local band playing in the square - live music is common throughout Munich

36 hours in Munich would be incomplete without a night of tasting fine German beer and enjoying some local music! Home to the world-famous Oktoberfest, Munich is always prepared to host thousands of visitors in its many pubs and bars. Entertained by a live band playing classic British tunes, it’s unfortunate for me to say that we were the only two people singing (more like screaming) the lyrics to all the well-known ‘sing-along’ classics.  The pub prices aren’t too bad if you decide to try the local beer but if you’re drinking spirits you’re looking at around eight to twelve euros depending on your choice of spirit and mixer.

Drinks to celebrate the end of a fantastic trip

After a fantastic weekend in the great city of Munich, we returned home truly fulfilled! To say that every second of the trip was a highlight is an understatement and we would 100% love to go back to see more! With a warm Munich welcome everywhere we went and with superb and easy transport to understand, the city break couldn’t have gone much better. If we had another couple of days, a day trip to Nuremberg and Salzburg would be on the cards for sure. There is so much more to do in the city than what we managed to fit in; perhaps you could try out your own 36 hours in Munich? We would love for you to let us know what you get up to on our social media channels!

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