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If you're looking for a relaxing place to unwind during your visit to Newcastle, Jesmond Dene offers a unique slice of tranquility. This public park was first laid out in the 1860s by William George Armstrong and his wife, of Jesmond Dene House. They intended the design to mirror the rural surroundings with waterfalls, woodland, crags and pools. It is located in the East end of Newcastle upon Tyne on the steep valley of the Ouseburn stream. Today, Jesmond Dene is owned by the council, free to enter and contains a petting zoo, called Pets' Corner, a cafe and visitor information centre. Enjoy walking through the park along one of the many pathways lined with native and exotic trees, which are home to a variety of local wildlife, including the Kingfisher and Red Squirrels. You will also find Newcastle's oldest religious building in Jesmond Dene. St Mary's Chapel was a significant site that attracted a large number of visitors, so much so that Pilgrim Street in the centre of Newcastle was named after the pilgrims that passed through the city to visit the chapel. Even though the site is now in ruins, every year there is an organised pilgrimage to the chapel and a service is held in the ruins.

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