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When visiting Belfast, an absolute must see is the titanic Belfast – the world’s largest Titanic attraction. This is a unique opportunity to actually see first-hand the birthplace of the most iconic ship of all time.

A fully interactive experience, the Titanic Belfast brings the story of this ill-fated ship to life with individual exhibitions devoted to different stages of the Titanic. These include; The Launch – where you are able to gaze through a huge glass window at the actual shipway where the Titanic once stood. Fitting Out – featuring exact replicas of the interior of the ship – giving visitors a vivid demonstration of how beautiful the Titanic was. Maiden Voyage – incredible photos taken on board the ship and stories of individual passengers allows visitors to really get a feel for life on the Titanic. The Sinking – the horrendous final hours of the Titanic are recreated with music and lighting.

There is a café and restaurant available both serving high quality food – you can even take Afternoon tea there! Plus there is a fantastic gift shop full of wonderful souvenirs for you to remember your visit to the Titanic Belfast.

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