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Northern Ireland's capital city has been rejuvenated in recent years.  People have travelled from different parts of the world to observe the splendid Victorian architecture, tour the cultural venues and dine in style at Belfast's finest restaurants.

The renewed spirit of Belfast has been encapsulated in the creation of the Titanic Quarter. This highly impressive waterfront development features residential homes, businesses and a university. However, visitors are likely to be particularly interested in the Titanic Visitor Centre. This grand building has been designed in honour of the greatest ocean liner of all time. The grand interior of the Titanic is showcased in the exhibition centre. Victims of the Titanic tragedy are also honoured in the main visitor area.

Visitors with an interest in Belfast's history may continue with a tour of the city hall. This great building was constructed in 1906 as a symbol of Northern Irish pride. It features a range of historical exhibits and a commemorative Titanic garden. This architectural treasure is within easy walking distance of the fascinating Linen hall library.

The people of Belfast are justifiably proud of their heritage. However, it's worth pointing out that this is a rapidly developing city. Visitors have the opportunity to watch the fresh generation of sporting stars showcase their talents at the stadiums of Ulster and Stormont. Brand new stage shows and musicals are regularly held at the theatre and opera house. It's also possible to attend popular concerts at the Belfast Empire Music Hall.

There are plenty of fine dining establishments in the heart of Belfast. You can take your pick from Crab Wonton soup and Strangford scallops which are on the menu at the popular seafood restaurants. However, you may also enjoy the veritable selection of Mediterranean and Indian cuisine. It might even be tempting to experience the Irish craic at the highly recommended bars and nightclubs of Belfast.

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Belfast Titanic

Belfast Titanic

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