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Apolo Club is actually made up of two venues - Apolo 1 and Apolo 2. Apolo 1 is a larger space with an old theatre style incorporating high ceilings, a large stage and lots of red velvet into the club scene. Apolo 2 is a more modern space being darker, smaller and with a banging sound system. Before heading to Apolo it is worth considering the line-ups in the two different clubs - programmers try to ensure that the genres don't clash, meaning that you can choose from a varied musical selection.

Apolo's music policy is one of the most forward thinking in the whole city. Both Apolo 1 and Apolo 2 are gig venues until midnight, after this the DJs get their turn. Genres on offer span everything from hip hop to dubstep to techno to burlesque, all depending on what night of the week you are there. Past DJs have included A-Trak, Skream and Drums of Death.

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