Mexico Serviced Apartments

Mexico serviced apartments

Mexico is home to some of the greatest wonders of the world, from Chichen Itza, part of the Mayan ruins that is known all over the world for its incredible structure and has become synonymous with Mexican history; to Ik Kil, an Archaeological Park nearby. 

This incredible country is home to range of adventures. To the West, the far reaches of Baja California with its natural reserves and tropical seas that are teaming with whales. To the East of the country, Cancun can be found with its white sand beaches and high rise hotels.

Mexico offers tourists many different vacations all within one country, with a perfect climate and cuisine varying from different regions it is not hard to see why people from all over the world visit this incredible place. It is a place to relax as well as take part in thrilling and exciting adventures. . 


When is the best time of the year to visit Mexico?

Mexican weather is famous for being pretty much perfect all year round; with sunny blue skies and bright flowers blooming. The rainy season in Mexico is generally May/June to October, but these seasons are also some of the best, with wonderful heat along with the rain.

Although hurricanes and tropical storms can happen, as long as travellers read up on the weather before travelling you can always experience a wonderful trip no matter the climate. Tropical storms usually occur during the afternoons and are accompanied by thunder and lightning. 

Weather can vary by region in Mexico. During the months of May and September Yucatan is extremely hot and only cools down slightly during December through to February. While the further North you go the cooler it gets during the winter months, however, the winters are still warm, ranging in the mid 20 degrees. 

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