Serviced Apartments in Mexico City

Mexico City

Serviced Apartments in Mexico City

Over the years Mexico has become a fantastic tourist destination for many reasons, and Mexico City is the perfect city to explore this incredible country from. Its central position to the country means that guests can reach many other points of interest from the location. Our serviced apartments in Mexico City are the ideal base to spend your stay, with all the comforts of home but it this amazing city. Live like a local with more flexibility, space and privacy than most other alternative accommodation options.

Our Mexico City serviced apartments are ideal for all types of people, from couples, friends, groups, families and lone travellers. With all the conveniences of a hotel but the ability to host friends and family, let our Citybase Apartment specialists find you the ideal apartment for your stay.

Why should you visit Mexico City

A historic city dating back to the Aztecs in 1325, Mexico City has a vibrant back story and draws many with its fascinating architecture and past. Following independence from Spain in 1821, Mexico City became the largest and most significant city in Mexico and has remained that to present day. The recent history of the city has been overshadowed by rapid population growth and the 1985 Mexico City earthquake. However, the city recovered and never once quit on the redevelopment of the parts of the city that had been damaged. Now a thriving city, Mexico City has become a must visit destination with many tourists and travellers across the world.

Mexico City has a range of destinations and attractions for all types of traveller to enjoy and experience. The Chapultepec is just one the few parks situated in Mexico City and is one of the largest parks in the Western Hemisphere at 686 hectares. This means stunning walks and beautiful scenery throughout.

New to Serviced Apartments?

If you have never experienced a serviced apartment before, let us be the first to help you. Our specialist team here at Citybase Apartments are dedicated to finding you the perfect apartment for your stay. Live like a local in your own space with all the flexibility and comforts of home. Our serviced apartments in Mexico City are the ideal alternative accommodation option and offer less stress and less hassle than many other accommodation choices.

Things to do in Mexico City

In this large city you will never be short of something to do and see. Many museums scatter the city including ones with incredible architectural structures such as the Museo Soumaya. Chapultepec Castle also provides guests with a wonderful place for photography and a historical education. Sat on Chapultepec Hill overlooking the city, this castle has a rich history and is the only royal castle in the Americas.

A little further out of the city, guests will find the famous Pyramid of the Sun or Piramide del Sol, an enormous ancient pyramid located in the ancient city of Teotihucan and is one of the largest pyramid’s in the world. Surrounding this incredible attraction you will find the town of San Martin, full of cafes, restaurants, and shops to fill your day.

Best time of the year to visit Mexico City

Generally speaking the Mexican climate is near perfect all year round with temperatures only dropping to around 20 degrees in the winter months. The rainy season is often May to September and brings tropical storms, thunder and lightning but also the heat associated with them. The hottest months are April to May when the summer heat beats down but the rainy season hasn’t properly kicked in.

Citybase Apartments recommend that Mexico City is best during the start of the winter months, when the weather is hot but becoming cooler. The climate is perfect during these months and less rain falls. This is the ideal weather for exploring the city and surrounding areas.  

Places to eat in Mexico City

Mexico City is brimming with many restaurants both independent and chains. Mexican food is renowned throughout the world and where better to try the cuisine than Mexico City itself. From the Baja tacos to Quesadillas there is something for all types of taste buds in this wonderful city.