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The biggest city in the state of Saxony in East Germany, two hours drive from Berlin, Leipzig draws visitors to its trade fairs and also to explore its rich heritage in classical music and the arts. Full of culture with impressive architecture and monuments, whilst also boasting a lively nightlife scene, there is plenty to discover in Leipzig.

Fans of classical music will not be disappointed as Leipzig was the home to Bach, the birth place of Wagner and where Mendelssohn-Bathholdy held a music academy. There are still lots of opportunities to hear classical music in the city, one of the world’s finest orchestras are based here and the oldest boys choir, which Bach once headed, still sing in St. Thomas Church. To learn more about the life and works of Bach, head to the Bach Museum next door to St Thomas Church. And for an unforgettable evening of classical music go to the renowned Gewandhaus Concert Hall, or book a ticket at Leipzig’s Opera House to watch world-class opera or ballet.

Learn about the arts culture within Leipzig which is alive and kicking at the superb Spinnerei arts centre housed in a renovated cotton mill. Here you can see galleries and studios of work from the artists in the ‘New Leipzig School’ movement, the current crop of artists making a name for themselves in the German art world. 

Leipzig is an easy city to walk around and this is the best way to appreciate the architecture such as the beautiful Old City Hall, on the Market Square with the City Museum within. The Market comes alive with stalls weighed down with local produce each week at the farmers’ market, and the place is quite magical in December with the Christmas Market selling traditional gifts and food. You’ll notice the arcades of shops near the market square, one of the better known is the Madler Passage, where you can combine shopping and browsing with a meal in the famous Auerbachs Keller. This restaurant has been on the site since 1525, and is a pleasant way to soak up some of Leipzig’s history while enjoying authentic German cuisine. Another well known Leipzig institution that has seen many famous faces through its doors is the Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum, a restaurant, cafè and museum charting the Saxons’ love of coffee, this was also said to be Napolean’s favourite coffee house. 

To sample some of the lively nightlife that Leipzig has to offer, head to the bars in the Drallewatsch area, the local brewed beer is Leipzig Gose and you can try this at the Gosenschenke pub. One of the most popular areas for nightlife and clubs is in the oldest part of the city around Barfussgaesschen.

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