Where to City Break: Our Team's Favourite Destinations

Where to City Break: Our Team's Favourite Destinations

Where to City Break: Our Team's Favourite Destinations

So many destinations, so little time! In today’s world you could quite literally city break anywhere, but where do you start?? With so many amazing cities, some only a train ride away, how do you pick one? For this million dollar question we decided to call a friend and ask our well-travelled staff to spill their secrets - what city is their favourite city break destination and why. The verdict is now out. If you're looking for ideas of where to city break, these are our team's favourite destinations.

Without leaving the UK...

1. Chester, England

The family-friendly city break

City Break DestinationsRecommended by: Graham Pye, Client Reservations Support

“We went on our first family holiday to Chester last June and it was great! We took our little girl on a city bus tour and visited Chester Zoo. I also went to the Bird of Prey attraction by the Cathedral where I got to outrun a Falcon!”

Where is it? North West England, Chester is just south of Liverpool and the River Mersey. Why should you visit? • Roman wall • Tudor-style half-timber buildings with two-level covered shopping arcades • Roman amphitheatre • Chester Zoo • Chester Cathedral Falconry and Nature Gardens Stay in a serviced apartment in Chester

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

The all-rounder eclectic destination

Where to city breakRecommended by: Amy Pammenter, Account Manager

“I really love Edinburgh. It's full of history and character, and lots of lovely places to eat and drink.”

Where is it? Scottish capital city in South East Scotland. Why should you visit? • Edinburgh Castle and connections to the British Royal Family • Cultural city, home to many famous art festivals • UNESCO World Heritage Site Free Things to do in Edinburgh Stay in a serviced apartment in Edinburgh

3. Bangor, Wales

The laid-back city break

laid back city break destinationRecommended by: Matt Fletcher, IT Developer

“Bangor on the North Wales coast takes my vote. One of the smallest cities in the UK, it is a hidden gem. It has a cathedral, a university, and numerous castles right on the doorstep. There are spectacular views across the Menai Strait, including the historically important Menai Bridge, and if retail therapy is your thing, then "the longest high street in Wales" has plenty of boutique shops as well as a wide range of independent restaurants. Only a few minutes' drive from the centre you can be deep into the mountains of Snowdonia, or be strolling along the sandy beaches of Anglesey.”

Where is it? North Wales, not too far from Liverpool and Chester (see entry number 1) Why should you visit? • A small coastal town with lively lifestyle • Snowdonia – mountain range and park nearby for outdoor lovers • Bangor Pier and other local beaches • Castles nearby


4. Antwerp, Belgium

The cultural destination

cultural city break destinationRecommended by: Emily Duggan, Senior Account Support

“I went to Antwerp last October and loved it! It's so picturesque with tons of historical buildings… Even better, it has chocolate/waffle/crepe shops everywhere!”

Where is it? Belgium city by the River Scheldt, north of Brussels. Why should you visit? • A history dating back to the Middle Ages • Rich in Flemish Renaissance architecture • Chocolate, a lot of it! Stay in a serviced apartment in Antwerp

5. Salzburg, Austria

The outdoorsy city break

outdoorsy city break destinationRecommended by: Daniel Harbour, Client Account Support

“Salzburg in Austria is one of my favourite destinations. It's situated in the Alps, so you're spoiled for choice: skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. You can sunbathe too as it regularly gets to around 35°C! Because it's an ancient city, it offers tons of heritage such as its Oktoberfest beer festivals (usually a couple of times a month) and a Game of Thrones-style castle on top of a mountain. It's also home to Mozart and delicious chocolates made after him called Mozart Balls (Mozartkugeln). A bit OTT, but they're so good!!”

Where is it? Austrian city on the border of Germany. Cut through by the Salzach River and bordering the Eastern Alps. Why should you visit? • Ancient city with rich heritage • Local festivals, including the Oktoberfest Beer Festival • Castle and mountain scenery that resembles Game of Thrones • Near the Alps • Mozart’s hometown

6. Lisbon, Portugal

The foodie destination

the foodie city break destinationRecommended by: Martha Hannis, Technology Project Manager and Catherine Tibbs, Training & Development Executive

Has to be Lisbon for me! Went for 4 days last year - the Time Out Food Market is amazing.” Martha

“Lisbon is the one! It's a beautiful city with a shabby chic look about it - a capital city that still has lots of small cobbled streets (be warned most of them require a steep uphill climb). There's a cathedral with views across the city, a palace that you can tour inside, a brilliant plaza where crowds gather in the evening for the restaurants and a beer museum! I also went to the Time Out Food Market. There are pop up stalls of almost every cuisine - sushi, crepes, fresh juices, Italian pizzas, German hotdogs and the traditional pastry of Portugal - the 'pastel de nata'. There are old trams that are still in use around the city and you can pay to go on one up the steepest incline in the city for fun times. If you're a beach bum like me then you can get a train easily to the coast in about 40 mins and I'd also recommend a day trip to nearby Sintra. It's the most picturesque town ever - it feels like you're in the town of Duloc from Shrek! Oh and the sangria is great. Any time of day, any cafe = perfection.” Catherine

Where is it? Portuguese capital city in the south west of Portugal. Sitting by the River Tejo Estuary Why should you visit? • Atlantic beaches, from Cascais to Estoril • A Mediterranean charm and feel with cobbled streets, ceramic tiled buildings, orange rooftops and pastel buildings • Sao Jorge Castle Stay in a serviced apartment in Lisbon

7. Barcelona, Spain

The beach lover's city break

the beach lover destinationRecommended by: Stuart Winstone, Commercial Director and Isabel Beeby, Senior Supply Content Coordinator

“Barcelona. Just Barcelona.” Stuart

“Mine is definitely Barcelona. You have the beach, amazing architecture (the Sagrada Familia is probably one of the most incredible things I've ever seen), delicious tapas, huge markets and a party around every corner - best place ever!” Isabel

Where is it? Spanish capital city, located in the north east of Spain. Why should you visit? • Largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea • Rich cultural heritage • Impressive art and architecture, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites • Roman archaeological sites Stay in a serviced apartment in Barcelona

8. Florence, Italy

The historic destination

historic city break destination

Recommended by: Rafaela Baraldi, Group Head of Finance; Martin Klima, Head Account Manager and Nicola Owen, HR Executive

“Florence is definitely on the top of my list. I went there for the first time last September and it was beautiful, good weather, lovely food and great sights.” Rafaela

“For me it has to be Florence. It's steeped in Renaissance art and architecture and is just a truly beautiful city. The Duomo has to be one of the most stunning things I have ever seen, it actually took my breath away. There are delicious little restaurants, cafes and delis around every corner and I remember the quaint little shops leading up to Ponte Vecchio. The weather was glorious when I visited which is also a positive.” Nicola

Where is it? Capital of Italy’s Tuscany region in Northern Italy. Why should you visit? • Home to many masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture • Italian food and wine • According to UNESCO, nearly a third of the world’s art treasures reside in Florence

Hopefully, these eight suggestions will help you decide where to go for your next city break. If you have already visited some of the cities above or if there are other cities you would recommend, get in touch and let us know what they are. Happy travelling!

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