The New Wonders Of The World

The New Wonders Of The World

The New Wonders Of The World

There was once a time when tourists and travellers would pack their bags and set off in pursuits of the Seven Wonders of The World. People travelled the globe, seeking out the overwhelming feeling of standing before a wondrous piece of history.

Today, a lot has changed. Only one of the ancient world wonders still exists; the Great Pyramid of Giza. Now, we are travelling further and deeper to visit cities that possess some of the most beautiful buildings, landscapes and cuisine, because we now want to experience culture.

Although much of the ancient world is now simply history, we still wonder. Our desire to experience different cultures has set a trail to some of the most stunning cities in the world. With so much to see, we have put together a guide to some of the new wonders of the world and pin pointed the must-see places that belong to some of the most breath-taking cities across the globe.

Cape Town, South Africa


Located on the southwest coast of South Africa, the colourful city of Cape Town is home to stunning golden beaches, plenty of vineyards and of course, the dominant Table Mountain. Known to both tourists and locals as ‘The Mother City’, Cape Town has a distinct harmony that captures peoples hearts.

When visiting the city it is essential that you experience the breath-taking sights of Table Mountain National Park. The iconic flat-topped mountain takes centre stage, yet is complimented by the gorgeous natural landscapes that surrounds it.

If you don’t fancy hiking to the top, you can ride the cableway. It is just a short, 5 minute ride to the top and offers an equally unforgettable experience.

Barcelona, Spain

Casa Mila, Barcelona

The quirky capital of Spain’s Catalonia region is the ideal destination for travellers who want to experience the perfect mix of fun and culture within a modern city. From Guadi and Piccaso, to outdoor movies and street parties, Barcelona is a city defined by its vibrant art and unmissable architecture.

For the foodies, Barcelona does not disappoint. Its restaurant scene is home to some of the most exceptional cuisine; from fine dining to quirky little tapas bars, there is no denying the delicious flavours of the capital.

On your visit to Barcelona, you must allow some time to take in the unmistakable work of architect, Antonio Gaudi. His approach to Art Nouveau created some of the most unique buildings to grace the streets of the city, even the world; from Casa Vicens, to one of the most iconic buildings in architecture, La Pedrera.

Whether you know anything about Guadi or not, you will leave Barcelona with a great appreciation for his imaginative approach to architecture.

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Istanbul, Turkey


Unique in its positioning, Istanbul is the only city in the world that overlaps two continents; in Istanbul east meets west, as Europe and Asia come together. Ancient tradition captivates its culture. Locals are undeniably proud of its history, yet a slight injection of the modern world makes the city so wonderfully unique.

The beauty of Istanbul is the utter mix of culture. You can start you day discovering historic buildings while wandering around the local streets and markets, and then by night you can step out to one of the local bars an sip on chic cocktails. The choice really is yours.

Whatever you do, do not miss out on visiting the Topkapi Palace. If there is one absolute must see in Istanbul, this is it. It was home to generations of Sultans and their wives and is the largest and oldest palace in the world. The Topkapi boasts some of the most beautiful views over the Sea Marmara, courtyard gardens and the famous Imperial Treasury.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Castle/Pražský hrad

On arriving in Prague, you will feel as though you have stepped into a mesmerising part history. The city will have you captivated in its gothic beauty, with it’s iconic architecture and bohemian culture.

Quirky doesn’t even begin to describe it. There is a perfect balance of wit within the relaxed streets and amongst the locals. There is no doubting Prague's charming character will make you fall in love with this city over and over again.

Architecture, art, food, shopping and beer! There really is something for everyone. You must stop by Prague Castle; its the largest in the world and Prague’s premier tourist attractions, due to its medieval beauty. It really is one not to be missed.

After a busy day touring the city, scheduling time for a truly amazing beer and bite at Prague’s local bars and eateries has to be a part of every visit. You will not leave disappointed.

Dubai, Middle East


Perceived as a playground for the rich and famous, Dubai is fast becoming on of the worlds top destinations for tourists from all over the globe. Its magnificent, contemporary architecture proves Dubai as the leader in ultra-modern construction and design. People are curious; from seven-star property and underwater hotels, to the worlds tallest building, Dubai really is unlike any other.

However, despite the perception, there is no where quite like Dubai for such an apparent  super-rich and super-poor divide. Treat your self to living like the rich and famous at some of the most prestigious five-star restaurants, or head over to experience Dubai’s cheap eats on Al Dhiyafah Road. Here restaurants cater for the city’s less affluent, but offers a delicious range of gut busting grills and fresh seafood.

Before leaving, you must pay a visit to at least one of Dubai’s iconic architectural buildings. Whether its Burj Khalifa, the tallest free building in the world, or the Burj Al Arab, the only seven-star hotel in the world. At night the hotel is illuminated with changing coloured light, dominating the  skyline.

There’s no mistaking Dubai as one of the top wonders of the modern world. Its futuristic approach to design and lifestyle is something unlike any other. We can only wait and see what comes of this spectacular ultra-modern city.

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