Serviced Apartments in Sheffield - Staff review

Serviced Apartments in Sheffield - Staff review

Serviced Apartments in Sheffield - Staff review

Today comes another personal review, this time of our serviced apartments in Sheffield.

When I recently visited Yorkshire with my husband for a quick weekend break, there were a number of places on our itinerary.  We started out in Haworth (the town of our name sake) and made our way down the edge of the Peak District to settle in Sheffield for the evening.  

The break was a pretty last minute decision so we didn't have a huge budget to blow on fancy hotels and boutique B&Bs.  All we needed was something simple.  A place to sleep, in the heart of Sheffield.  Corporation Buildings by City Lodgings was such a place.

Having spent the day walking around the steep hills of Haworth, we were looking forward to a relaxing night in our apartment.  We hatched a plan to pick up some essentials (red wine and board games) from the famous Meadow Hall shopping centre, which should have been just a 20 minute drive from the apartments.   Since we ended up in the traffic that got kicked out at closing time (5pm on a Sunday), the drive took a little longer!

Knowing that our apartment had a kitchen, we were planning to make a romantic meal but by this time we were so tired we made a detour along London Road for its many restaurant choices.  There is something for every palette on London Road. We chose Cantonese at Dim Sum.


When we found the apartments, which were easy enough to get to using the satnav, we parked up in a nearby car park and headed round the corner to the property.  The reception had closed but we'd been given really clear instructions before our stay to explain how to use the key code and that our keys would be waiting in a secured locker.  True to what we'd been told we got our key and found our allocated apartment.


The thing that got me the most when we entered the apartment was the size.  I hadn't realised the apartment would be across two floors, so when we walked in to find a kitchen, spacious living room and stairs leading up to a large bedroom and bathroom, I was delighted.  The next surprise came when I got to the first landing and found another flight of stairs.  Little did I know we had been allocated a 3 bedroom apartment!  This would have been great for families, but was equally great for us as we had our pick of bedrooms!

The apartments were simply styled, complete with sofas, TV, DVD player and a lovely solid wood dining table.  


It felt really homely, particularly being across multiple floors. One of the great things about staying in an apartment that feels like home is that we found ourselves making an effort to have a night in!  Normally when we go away we will find places to go to fill our time in the evening, but here we wanted to make the most out of being away and settling down for a date night in!


Being able to make tasty pastries and a fresh coffee in our own kitchen in the morning was a bonus!

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