Mapping The Price Of A Pint [Infographic]

We all (well, most of us) love a good drink on a night out or even with a meal, however how much does the price of a pint differ across the country and, indeed, across the rest of Europe? We set ourself a task; to map the price of a pint, and have put together a comprehensive guide as to where you’ll find the cheapest and most expensive drinks.

Surprisingly, you’ll find the cheapest pint in the UK in Herefordshire, whilst perhaps unsurprisingly, it’ll cost you, on average, 82p more for a drink in London.

When you head to Europe, things get a little more interesting, with the Czech Republic offering pints from just £0.72 whilst in Sweden, you’ll pay on average a fiver for a drink! That’s a whopping difference of £4.28!

We compiled all of our research into this handy infographic which you can see below:

Mapping The Price Of A Pint

Grace Tebbutt

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