Fun things to do inside your serviced apartment - family edition

Fun things to do inside your serviced apartment - family edition

Fun things to do inside your serviced apartment - family edition

With all the space, flexibility and privacy guests are provided with when staying in a serviced apartment, it’s a good idea to make good use of it whilst enjoying a break away. If a rainy day occurs on your trip, or you just fancy utilising the space you have, the options of activities for all the family to enjoy in your serviced apartment are endless. Read on to discover our top pick suggestions of fun things to do inside on your next family trip away.

Games night

A family favourite, a games night is always a fun and easy way to bring a bit of variety to your evenings. Arrive at your holiday accommodation equipped with your favourite card and board games, then get into teams and unleash your competitive side with the ultimate games night competition. Whether you’re more of a Monopoly or Cluedo person, get ready for a fun filled evening which will release your inner child.

Monopoly board
Bring your favourite games from home to compete in or invite family members elsewhere for a virtual quiz night

Already left for your long awaited trip and forgot to bring your trusted box of Uno? Don’t panic, a virtual games night is just as fun! This is a great option to catch up with family whilst away and with many virtual games available for you to play and compete against each other, the fun is endless! With serviced apartments offering Wi-Fi and spacious living spaces, forget about irritating buffering and get set for an action-packed night.

Spa day

On a day when the rain is rattling against the windows in true UK staycation style, there is no better option than a spa day. A self-care day is filled with fun things to do inside and is definitely on the cards whilst away, and will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed before returning home.

Woman lying with cucumber on eyes
To complete your spa day, slice some cucumbers to put over your eyes; they soothe your eyes and are the perfect relaxation tool

Many serviced apartments include Bluetooth speakers, so create a serene atmosphere by shuffling a themed playlist such as ‘massage music’ on Spotify. Pour yourself a glass of lemon water, put on one of your favourite face masks and relax in an oasis of calmness.

Come Dine with Me night

A brilliant way to add a bit of variety to your nights whilst a way, having a Come Dine with Me competition is a great example of fun things to do inside and cuts down on eating out costs. Depending on how many adults there are, select the nights you want each person to cook and let them choose a specific theme for their food and entertainment. Some examples of themes include a taco night, under the sea theme and Asian infusion.

Person cooking, pouring spices into a pan
Whether your an amateur cook or self-acclaimed chef, this is the perfect activity to enjoy as a family whilst simultaneously filling your belly

The fully equipped kitchens which come with a serviced apartment are a great excuse to carry out these fun things to do at home and will (hopefully) keep your cooking on schedule. So, get your oven gloves and scoring cards at the ready and prepare your taste buds for some exciting flavours.  

Indoor treasure hunt

Engaging the children whilst doubling as one of the activities for all the family to get involved in, an indoor scavenger hunt is a great example of one of the many fun things to do inside.

For an easy and quick way to carry out the activity, ready-made cards are available from the likes of Oliver Bonas which you can whip out when boredom strikes.  Alternatively, bring out your creative flair and create your own treasure hunt. Online, there are many suggestions of clues and riddles to use or for a more personal touch, come up with some of your own.

Children taking part in a scavenger hunt, reading clues and looking in a cupboard
Leave clues for your children to go and find the treasure hidden in your serviced apartment

Our serviced apartments provide ample space, with many also offering an outdoor area for your family to enjoy. There are many places for you to hide your clues and chocolate treasures throughout your apartment such as in the living areas and multiple bedrooms; get ready for an action packed day as you take part in these fun things to do at home.

Bake Off Competition

A tempting option for those who have a sweet tooth, the best thing about having a Bake Off competition is that you have lots of tasty treats at the end! Each round involves activities for all the family as everyone can get involved in this fun-fuelled competition. Make use of the spacious, fully equipped kitchen in your serviced apartment to bake a selection of mouth-watering goodies for everyone to blind-judge.

Hands kneading dough on a flour covered surface
From biscuits to scones, get ready for a day of eating some wonderful (and maybe questionable) creations 

To follow the structure of the show, include rounds such as a specific bake, technical challenge and ‘show stopper’ where everyone chooses their best bake to impress. Wow each other with your baking skills (or in some cases, lack of) and indulge in some yummy creations… you are on holiday after all!

Themed movie night

A movie night is the perfect example of a simple yet effective fun thing to do inside whilst away. Make use of the spacious living areas and large TV and create your very own theatre room complete with all your favourite cinema snacks.

Smart television with Netflix on the screen
Many of our serviced apartments have Smart Televisions, so you can stream the latest and greatest for your movie night 

To put a twist on the classic movie night, why not make it themed? Pre-plan before going away what theme you want, and get everyone to dress up accordingly; this makes it a fun activity for all the family! You can even tie it in with your come dine with me night as the ‘entertainment’. For example, for an under the sea theme, feature the ‘Little Mermaid’ as the movie of choice. Get creative and have fun with it, whilst creating memories in your serviced apartment that you will cherish forever.

Interested in booking one of our fantastic serviced apartments for your next getaway? Don’t hesitate to contact us today to find your perfect holiday accommodation.

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