Edinburgh Vs. Glasgow : Where You Should Visit

Edinburgh Vs. Glasgow : Where You Should Visit

Edinburgh Vs. Glasgow : Where You Should Visit


In Scotland, the rivalry between Glasgow and Edinburgh goes back over three centuries. According to academic, Robert Crawford, the inter-city rivalry began over a simple loaf of bread. In 1656, Glasgow announced that bread being produced by local bakers wasn’t good enough. Edinburgh offered to bake the Glaswegian bread to its own standards but failed in its attempts to do so. Pride prevented the bakers of Glasgow from taking up Edinburgh’s offer, and so the feud between Auld Reekie and the Dear Green Place began.

Nowadays, Glasgow and Edinburgh's rivalry is mainly between sports rather than produce, but the conflict of which city is better still runs deep.  So, how do the two cities rank when it really comes down to it?

glasgow and edinburgh

Overall, it seems that Edinburgh is the winner, with more tourism, attractions, and the best-rated attractions on Tripadvisor. However, Glasgow is rapidly rising to meet its rival with more and more tourists visiting Glasgow each year. Our prediction is that Glasgow will slowly overtake Edinburgh as one of the best places to visit in Scotland.

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Glasgow – 598,830

Edinburgh – 482,005

Restaurants Per 10,000 People

Glasgow – 34

Edinburgh – 40

Number Of Museums (within 10 miles of the city centre)

Glasgow – 45

Edinburgh – 46

Best Rated Attraction

Glasgow – Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum (13,224 reviews)

Edinburgh – Edinburgh Castle (43,890 reviews)

Most Visited Attraction

Glasgow – Strathclyde Country Park (5,644,457)

Edinburgh – National Museum of Scotland (1,810,948)

Number Of Tourists Visiting From Abroad

Glasgow -659,000

Edinburgh – 1,689,000

Number of Citybase Apartments

Glasgow – 43

Edinburgh – 44

Amount of Green Space

Glasgow – 32%

Edinburgh – 49%


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