The A-Z of Serviced Apartments

The A-Z of Serviced Apartments

The A-Z of Serviced Apartments

Citybase Apartments is a world leader in providing serviced apartments across the world. But, what is a serviced apartment, why do you need one, and how is it better than your average hotel? Well, we are all about making things a little different, so we thought we could show you all about our type of accommodation using the A-Z of serviced apartments.

A to D alphabet

A - Apartment

Why choose a serviced apartment over a hotel or B&B? Serviced apartments offer all the functionality of a hotel and all the benefits, but with your own kitchen, bedroom, and living area, you will be able to have more flexibility over your day. Fancy cooking something homemade, or watching TV whilst the kids are in bed? You can do all that in the comfort of a serviced apartment, whereas trying to keep quiet whilst the children sleep in the same room as is the way with alternative accommodation options is often hard and impractical.

B - Bedroom

If you, like us, need your own space once in a while on holiday, then serviced apartments are the perfect way to get that. Retreat to your own comfortable bedroom and snuggle up to watch a bit of Netflix whilst the rest of your party entertain themselves elsewhere.

C - Children

When travelling with children it can be hard to find the best accommodation option. Hotel rooms can often mean you are separated or cramped ion one room and can leave evenings alone with a glass of wine just not feasible. With a serviced apartment, families will find themselves with more space, children can sleep in their own bedrooms and you can curl up on the sofa with your favourite movie.

D - Diets

Vegan, vegetarian, allergies, no matter what your dietary requirements it can sometimes be hard to find a restaurant that caters to what you need and what you fancy. Serviced apartments, no matter where you are staying always come with either a basic kitchenette or fully-equipped kitchen. Pick up your desired ingredients at a nearby supermarket and try your hand at making the local dish.

E to H alphabet serviced

E - Everybody

Serviced apartments are for everybody. Going as a group? Book a three bedroom or four bedroom apartment. Visiting as a family? Grab two bedroom accommodation. Or wanting some time away as a couple or going solo? Try out some of our fabulous one-bedroom and studio apartments.

F - Flexibility

A serviced apartment allows you all the flexibility of being at home. Wake up when you want to and start exploring the city at your own pace. In the evening's guests can easily order a takeaway to their apartment instead of eating out at a restaurant. The choices are yours.

G - Garden

Did you know some serviced apartments even come with their own garden! Hammersmith Town Apartments offer guests some beautiful gardens with patios just moments from the centre of London.

H - Home from home

Our serviced accommodation is a home away from home. Relax and enjoy your holiday without feeling cramped in one room.

Alphabet of serviced apartments

I - Interesting

We all have our own personalities and, to match, so do each of our properties. Want to sleep like a baby? Try the so-called "womb room" at Spitalfields Serviced Apartments. Every apartment has its own interesting character, so find the one that matches yours and enjoy!

Woom Room

J - Journeys

Travelling is just as much about the journey as it is the destination. Whether you are Travelling With Pets or with Teens it can sometimes be a challenge, but with this kind of accommodation at the end of it all, it's totally worth it.

K - Kitchen

With a fully-equipped kitchen or basic kitchenette, what you eat is your choice completely. Save money by not having to eat out every night.

L - Living Room

Sometimes all you need is to curl up on the sofa and watch a really good TV series. With a space that the whole family can enjoy, you can do just that.

Alphabet serviced apartments post

M - Mornings

Many of us are not morning people, especially on holiday when all you want to do is have a lie in. But, if the city is calling for you to explore then get up for your luxurious own bedroom and head to the kitchen where most apartments offer complimentary tea and coffee, and even, sometimes, your very own coffee machine.

N - Nightly Rates

Serviced apartments don't necessarily have to be expensive. Depending on your dates and availability nightly rates can fluctuate drastically, our accommodation experts can help you find the best apartment that's right for your budget.

O - On-Site

Most serviced apartment properties also offer the best benefits of a hotel. Choose from properties with on-site gyms, swimming pools, restaurants, and services.

P - Privacy

If you need your own space and privacy away from everyone else, then all you have to do is shut the door to your own bedroom. Perfect.

Alphabet blog post

Q - Quality

All of our serviced apartments live up to the standards of quality that our accommodation experts set out. We will help you out beginning to end so that you know what you are booking is the real deal.

R - Rooms

With more rooms comes more ...

S - Space

And more space means that you can do exactly what you want when you want without having to worry.

T - Travel

Travel helps the heart, the soul, and the mind, so what are you waiting for?


U - Unlimited Wifi

99% of serviced apartments come with unlimited Wifi for all your browsing needs, and to keep the kids quiet when needed.

V - Value

You'll get value for money when staying in a serviced apartment. Whether you end up cutting your costs on restaurants and room service we are sure that our apartments will help keep your budget intact.

W - Wine

No more sneaking off to the bathroom to have a sip of wine whilst the kids are in bed.

X - Xmas

Serviced apartments are a perfect accommodation option no matter what time of year it is. Set up your festivities and decorations in the comfort of your living room and enjoy being in a different city for the New year.

y to Z

Y - You

It's all about you. What YOU want and what YOU need from your accommodation.

Z - Zone

Get in the zone. Relax or get excited on your own personalised city break.

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