Top Tips For Travelling With Pets

Top Tips For Travelling With Pets

Top Tips For Travelling With Pets

The UK’s adoration of cats and dogs has grown year by year, but so has our love of travel. So, what do you do when you really want to take that trip, but have your faithful four-legged friend to consider?

Well, Citybase Apartments has put together these top tips for travelling with pets, to help you out. Forget the added expenses of dog/cat sitters, and leave behind the worry of what your pet is getting up to while you’re away and whether they are missing you too.

Our tips will help ensure you have a safe, happy, and memorable trip that both you and your pet will remember.

Going Abroad

Pets Abroad
  • Always ensure your pet has been microchipped, not only is it compulsory, but it will keep your pet safe in case they decide to wander off.
  • Always get your pet a passport, these can be issued by your vet and allow your pet to travel abroad. Additionally, get your vet to vaccinate your pet against rabies, at least 21 days before you travel; these are now compulsory for any pet travelling abroad.
  • When travelling, save yourself a flight and go via the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, your pet will be with you the whole time and only takes 35 minutes to travel from Folkestone to Calais.
  • Buy your pet a nice new collar with up to date contact details on it. This will help to return your pet to you, plus who doesn’t like a bit of holiday shopping for accessories (even if it is for your pet).
  • If in doubt that your pet won’t like the journey, then don’t take the risk, always make sure your pet is fit to travel abroad.
  • Make sure your pet is calm and relaxed before travelling, try a few treats or a walk; the more tired and relaxed your pet is the easier the journey will be for both of you.

On the Road

On the orad with a dog
  • Make sure your pet has plenty of water and food to ensure their trip is as comfortable as possible.
  • Although their head hanging out of the window may look funny, this can potentially lead to lung disease, keep your pet inside to help avoid the risks.
  • Keeping your pet hydrated will also mean a few stops along the way. Make sure you keep your pet happy by stopping and letting them stretch their legs every couple of hours or so.
  • If your pet isn’t used to travelling, maybe prepare them with a short journey in your car to get them used to the sensations and the new smells they’ll experience.
  • Make sure your pet knows they are safe and loved, keep them calm by talking to them, stroking them and making sure they are just as happy as you on this trip.


Pet friendly Accommodation
  • Pet-friendly accommodation is often easy to find once you know what you are looking for and which area you are going to.
  • Make sure you pack the essentials, don’t forget leads, bowls and a comfy pet bed for your friend. Sometimes these are provided by the accommodation, but always check and even bring a spare just in case.
  • Book a serviced apartment to travel to. At Citybase Apartments we have a lot of pet friendly apartments. Other accommodation options often don’t provide enough space for your furry friend, but here we make sure both you and your pet are given the ideal place for your trip, no matter where it is in the world.
  • Find the best walks around the accommodation; your pet will love the new smells and the freedom to explore.
  • Make sure your cat doesn’t go outside for a while, they may try and go back home. Always make sure they know you are staying in your serviced apartment for the duration of your trip, otherwise keep them inside and enjoy their company.

Where to stay

Have a look at these apartments both in the UK and abroad, all of these are pet friendly and offer a range of extra amenities just for your pet. Some include their own pet bed, while others offer meetups that you can take your four legged friend too. Give us a call to check what they offer and to book your ideal pet friendly serviced apartment today.


 Cheval Harrington Court, South Kensington.

Harrington Court Pets

Located in the centre of South Kensington, these apartments boast an enviable base for every guest. You can enjoy the restaurants, cafes and shops on your doorstep and the tube station is just two minutes away from the property, making it easily accessible to both you and your pet.

The Paddington Maisonette, London

pet place

Nestled amongst the crisp white terraced houses, the Paddington Maisonette will make you and your pet feel like locals in this beautiful part of London. Set back in the Paddington area, the property is in close proximity to the largest park in central London – Hyde Park - providing endless walks for you and your four-legged friend.


Citadines Presqu'ile Apartments, Lyon.

Lyon pet friendly

Located in an attractive setting perfect to stretch your pets legs and yours too. Situated between the rivers La Saône and Le Rhône, the Citadines Presqu'ile Apartments offer bright and comfortable accommodation. With the Saint-Jean district only five minutes’ walk away.

La Clef Tour Eiffel Apartments, Paris.

Paris pet friendly

Situated within a stunning period property that dates back the 19th century, these serviced apartments are located in one of Paris’ most coveted areas between the Trocadero and the Avenue des Champs-Elysees and some apartments offer perfect views of the iconic Eiffel Tower.


 Residence Inn Amsterdam Houthavens, Netherlands.

Amsterdam Pets

Residence Inn Amsterdam Houthavens is perfectly located just moments away from some of Amsterdam’s best attractions and amenities. Guests will find an array of shops and eateries nearby to suite all tastes. The Amsterdam Theatre and the Museum Het Schip are both within walking distance.

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