4374 Sightseeing Steps worth climbing in Europe

4374 Sightseeing Steps worth climbing in Europe

4374 Sightseeing Steps worth climbing in Europe

According to research, taking the stairs burns more calories than jogging! It can reduce your risk of early mortality and it improves strength, bone density and muscle tone. What's more, climbing stairs is something you can easily incorporate into your every day routine and it could even save you time.  If all this isn't encouragement enough, some staircases offer their own reasons to climb with unique incentives at the top.

Here we have listed the most rewarding 4374 Sightseeing Steps worth climbing in Europe and what is waiting at the top for you...

Park Güell, Barcelona, Spain: 45 STEPS

Stock Photo
Park Guell, Barcelona - Stock Photo

Park Güell in Barcelona was commissioned by Eusebi Güell in 1900 and was designed by the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi.  Set on Camel Hill the park is an eclectic mix of scenic gardens, stunning structures and dramatically designed buildings.  Climb up the dragon stairway in the Monumental precinct taking in the colourful sights and sculptures as you go.   At the top, you’ll find the Plaza which is bordered with amazing mosaic seats and has a stunning view of Barcelona as a backdrop.

Liverpool Cathedral, Liverpool, UK: 108 STEPS

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Liverpool Cathedral, UK - Stock photo

You need to take two lifts and 108 steps to get to the rooftop of Liverpool Cathedral but, once conquered, you will be rewarded with stunning panoramic views of the city.  Standing tall at 152 metres above sea level it is the highest cathedral in the UK and is the perfect place to spot many of Liverpool’s iconic landmarks including the Royal Liver Building and Albert Docks.

Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy: 135 STEPS

Stock photo
Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy - Stock photo

Probably one of the most famous staircases in the world, the Spanish steps in Rome link the Piazza di Spagna and the Piazza Trinita Dei Monti at the top.  Built in the 1700s in Roman Baroque style, the steps became a popular meeting place for artists and poets. Follow in the footsteps of poet John Keats and climb the 135 steps to the top.  Here you can enjoy the perfect setting for people watching on the busy Roman streets below.

Top tip: Visit in May to see the steps decorated with flowering pink azaleas

Old Town Bridge Tower, Prague, Czech Republic: 138 STEPS

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Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic - Stock photo

The Old Town Bridge Tower in Prague was completed in 1380 and was once the entrance to the Old Town of Prague.  The 138 steps inside this gothic tower take you up to a viewing gallery which looks over the beautiful Charles Bridge and Vltava River as well as stunning views of the old town, Mala Strana and Prague Castle.

Castle Wynd Steps, Edinburgh, UK: 187 STEPS

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Castle Wynd Steps, Edinburgh, UK - Stock photo

As Edinburgh is built on several hills, there are several staircases throughout the city many of which are hidden in the narrow passageways between the gothic buildings known as ‘closes’.  Castle Wynd Steps is one of these passages.  The 187 steps link Edinburgh’s Grassmarket area to Castle Hill.  Both areas are a must see when in Edinburgh - Castle Hill is home to Edinburgh Castle and boasts iconic views of the city, and the Grassmarket is the heart of Edinburgh’s old town and a vibrant hub of quirky shops, bars and restaurants.

Siegessäule, Berlin, Germany: 285 STEPS

The Victory Column in Berlin, Germany
The Victory Column in Berlin, Germany - stock photo

Siegessäule or Victory Column was built in 1873 to commemorate the Prussian victory in the Danish – Prussian war.  It is 67 metres tall and topped with an impressive bronze statue. One of Berlin’s most famous monuments, it is a very popular place to visit. Climbing the spiral staircase of 285 steps inside the column will get you to the observation deck. Here you can enjoy a unique view of Berlin, including sights such as the historic Brandenburg Gate and Fernsehturm.

Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pisa, Italy: 296 STEPS

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Piazza del Duomo, Pisa, Italy - Stock photo

The Leaning Tower of Pisa was actually designed to be a vertical tower but developed its iconic lean during construction way back in the medieval times. The tower is 56.67 metres high at its highest point.  A spiral staircase of 296 steps takes you right to the top of the tower and onto the outdoor viewing platform.  Here you can experience stunning views of the ‘Piazza Dei Miracoli’ and Pisa.

Top Tip: Book tickets - only a limited number of people can climb the tower each day and for safety reasons children under 8 years old cannot climb the tower.

Montmartre, Paris, France: 300 STEPS

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Montimartre, Paris, France - stock photo

Montmartre is a hill in northern Paris and at 130 metres high, it is the highest point in the city.  To get to the top of the Montmartre you can climb the 300 steps up the pretty Rue Foyatier enjoying the Parisian scenes as you go or take the 90-second train ride up the funicular.  Once at the top, you will find fantastic panoramic views across Paris and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris – also known as the Sacré-Cœur that stands at the top.  This intricate Roman Catholic church looks over the city and you can even climb a further 270 steps to get one of the best views of Paris.

The Monument, London, UK: 311 STEPS

Stock photo
The Monument, London, UK - Stock photo

The Monument was designed by Christopher Wren to commemorate the Great Fire of London.  It was built to celebrate the rebuilding of the city after the 1666 fire and is located close to Pudding Lane where the fire began.  It is 61 metres high and has a stone staircase of 311 steps climbing up the inside. This is one of the lesser known landmarks in London and, once at the top, you will get an impressive panoramic view of the capital and the city streets Wren designed.

Duomo di Milano, Milan, Italy: 919 STEPS

Stock photo
Duomo Di Milano - Stock photo

The third largest cathedral in the world, Il Duomo nears the top of our list with a whopping 919 steps to climb.  This elaborate cathedral took over 500 years to complete and it combines a variety of architectural styles.  The Duomo is a centre point in Milan and climbing to the top provides an unparalleled view of the city. You may even see the Alps on a clear day!

The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France: 1665 STEPS

Stock photo
The Eiffel Tower, Paris - Stock photo

An icon of Paris, the Eiffel Tower is one of the most visited monuments in the world.  This wrought iron lattice tower is the tallest structure in Paris at 324 metres tall.  The top floor observation deck is 276 metres high and up 1665 steps. Climbing the steps is a unique experience, especially as you are both inside and outside at the same time. You also get to enjoy the views as you go, but don’t worry. There is the option of getting a lift to the top too!  Once at the top, the views of Paris really are breath-taking and make a very memorable experience.  You can even enjoy a glass of fizz from the Champagne bar at the top whilst soaking up the views.


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