Your Favourite City Break Destinations by Drone

Your Favourite City Break Destinations by Drone

Your Favourite City Break Destinations by Drone

Whether you need inspiration on where to go for a city break, have booked a getaway and can’t wait to get there, or simply want to escape the rat race for a couple of minutes of travel-dreaming, walk this way. Here are your favourite city break destinations like you have never seen them before.

Who doesn’t like a good gadget? Drones are the latest sensation in tech and their bird's-eye view supplies some amazing footage of metropolitan and natural landscapes. So we decided to explore what your favourite cities look like from above.


We are in love with our beautiful capital. And you are too, as it is our most visited city. If you haven't yet wandered its streets, visited its attractions or basked in its nightlife, or if you have visited already and can't wait to go back, have a little taste of it via this amazing drone footage by Vybe Source!


One of our most popular cities, alternative and vibrant Manchester looks so peaceful from above in this stunning sunrise video by Rikki Chan, RCLC Photography.


We have just realised how many bridges Newcastle actually has! Looking as modern and intriguing as it does in real life, the Geordie city is a great destination to visit, especially if you are partial to a good nightlife! Just check this amazing video by Kestrel-Cam.


In order to do Edinburgh’s metropolitan and natural beauty justice, we had to have not one but two aerial tours!

First, a look at the imposing Edinburgh Castle with the city just below it. Amazing drone footage by Liam Anderstrem, Airborne Lens.

Then a look into the natural beauties of Edinburgh through this gorgeous images taken by Piotr Owcarz ...


Mixing old and new beautifully, Glasgow looks so peaceful from above! But you can’t fool us, Glasgow, we know just how much you have to offer city break travellers. And we know you are buzzing! Video by Stuart Hatch.

Scottish Highlands

On our post, Going Scottish, we say over and over again that you should visit the countryside of Scotland even if you are a city dweller at heart. And here is why. Video by Orcin.


It would be a sin to miss the seafront city of Brighton from our list! So here it is. Even in cold January it looks gorgeous in this footage by traveller Gimmecookiez.


The hometown of our third office, Singapore is insanely modern and dominated by skyscrapers, which makes for some amazing aerial footage! As you will see in this beautiful video by Barry Leung. On another note, did you know the name Singapore means Lion City?

New York

How could we not have The Big Apple on our list? Drone footage by DroneFanatic.


Of course Sydney had to be in our list! The city is simply visually stunning by drone!


Another city that looks amazing on bird’s-eye view is Barcelona. It’s hard not to want to go and visit! Image credit Maxim Kuz.


All those historic monuments look so beautiful from above, we just had to add Rome to our list. Enjoy this stunning footage by Andrei Calugaru for Travel Bug.


Iceland is one of our newest destinations and it’s so amazing, we couldn’t resist admiring its beauty from above and in time-lapse. How could you possibly not feel inspired to visit Iceland after watching this beautiful footage by IslandiaME? Our bags are packed!

All these destinations are as amazing in the flesh as they are on camera. So what are you waiting for? Come explore!


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