16 Things You Didn’t Know About Britain

16 Things You Didn’t Know About Britain

16 Things You Didn’t Know About Britain

How well do you really know Britain? Aside from being one of the world’s richest countries and having its own monarchy, there’s a lot about Britain that might take you by surprise, like how long its empire ruled for, or the number of languages spoken on its soil.

We decided to do some digging, and discovered lots of fun facts worth sharing. Here are 16 things you didn’t know about Britain.

1. Home to the world’s oldest royal residence

Windsor Castle is the oldest royal household on the planet, and dates back to the 11th century.


2. There are lots of strange place names

From Bottom Flash to Sandy Balls, the UK is positively brimming with oddly named towns and villages. Our favourite is Crotch Crescent in Oxford.


3. You can drink in public

If you’re over the age of 18, then legally you’re allowed to drink alcohol in public. The only places you can’t drink are those with public space protection orders in place.


4. It has a lot of parked cars

A 2016 report revealed that cars are parked 96% of the time in Britain. In London alone, parking spaces take up 16% of the city’s streets.

5. It has its boiling hot days

Don’t believe all the dreary weather reports you read. Every so often, Britain’s average temperature exceeds that of places like Spain and Greece. The highest ever temperature recorded in England was 38.5°C in Kent in 2003.


6. Accents galore

While it’s difficult to pin down the number of dialects spoken in Britain exactly, sources indicate that accents vary every 25 miles.


7. A love of baked beans

Brits, on average, eat more baked beans than any other country in Europe. An estimated 1.5 million cans of Heinz baked beans are sold every day in the UK.

8. Queen Elizabeth II is quite the globetrotter

The Queen of England has reportedly visited more than 116 countries around globe, despite not having a passport. Unlike other British citizens, she doesn’t have to prove her identity.

9. More Indian food than India

Did you know Britain boasts the largest Indian restaurant in the world? Are you also aware that London’s home to more Indian restaurants than Delhi or Mumbai?


10. A leader in genetic engineering

Britain is the first country in the world to legalise the creation of babies using the DNA of three people.

11. Super quick internal flights

The world’s shortest flight, which runs from Westray to Papa Westray in Scotland, is a mile in length and takes just two minutes. The route is necessary, as water must be crossed between the two destinations. The other alternative is a ferry ride.


12. Queue jumping is punishable by law

Not only will jumping a queue in Britain land you a lot of angry stares, but you could also end up in prison for it. According to London Railway Byelaws, it’s illegal to jump in front of someone in a queue at a tube ticket hall.


13. Mary was once the most popular female name in Britain

In 1811, almost 25% of all women in the UK were called Mary. Famous examples include Mary I of England - or Bloody Mary - and Mary, Queen of Scots.

14. Diversity is everywhere

A census done in 2011 showed that 1 in 10 couples in the UK are in an interethnic relationship. Mixed-race people also account for the fastest-growing ethnic group in Britain.


15. Horse passports are actually a thing 

And it’s not just horses that need them. Ponies, donkeys and zebras in the UK must also possess a horse passport.

16. The country’s smaller than you think

To use an American comparison, the UK is smaller than the US state of Oregon, and tiny by comparison to Alaska - although, not as cold.


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