How Serviced Apartments Help Accommodate People in Difficult Situations

How Serviced Apartments Help Accommodate People in Difficult Situations

How Serviced Apartments Help Accommodate People in Difficult Situations

There are lots of reasons why people book serviced apartments. A serviced apartment isn’t just a place to stay on a city-break or business trip, but, rather a flexible accommodation option, suitable for various occasions.

In this blog post, we take a look at some of the different ways serviced apartments help accommodate people in difficult situations.

1.) Rehousing

Whether your home has flooded or is undergoing repair work, it’s important that you’re able to move quickly and affordably. Serviced apartments can be readily booked at short notice which makes them ideal for those who require rehousing. Many feature all the usual home comforts such as a kitchen or living room, and are located close to schools, shops and offices, making it easy to acclimatise.

2.) When in Hospital

Patients undergoing medical treatment may well need temporary accommodation for themselves or their loved ones. We offer serviced apartments close to all of the UK’s leading hospitals. Our apartments are flexible, mobility-friendly, and can be booked on a night-by-night basis, which makes them great in medical emergencies.

3.) Divorces

Divorces can typically take anywhere from 6 to 12 months. During that time, you may need a place to stay. Serviced apartments are perfect for long stays, and offer great privacy. What’s more, the cost of staying in a serviced apartment reduces long-term. From the 29th day onwards, your VAT contribution falls from 20% to 4%.

4.) Anonymity

High-profile individuals travelling the world may wish to keep their identities hidden, particularly when it comes to their accommodation. Serviced apartment operators are well versed in hosting celebrities, politicians, servicemen and other prominent people who value their privacy.

5.) Student Living

International students are often faced with the difficult task of sourcing quality accommodation at short notice for long periods at a time. In many cases, student halls won’t cut it, and, with occupancy levels running sky high in certain cities, the options may be limited. Serviced apartments are great for those studying abroad, and provide a flexible one-stop solution. The vast majority of our serviced apartments are located centrally, and many are in touching distance of well-known universities.

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