Hidden Bars in Edinburgh: Us Vs. The Internet

Hidden Bars in Edinburgh: Us Vs. The Internet

Hidden Bars in Edinburgh: Us Vs. The Internet

Edinburgh has long been a hotspot for tourism, whether it’s a weekend city break, staycation, or relocation to the area. This Scottish Capital has it all with its incredible historic sites, such as Edinburgh Castle, which has long been the focal point of many tourist visits. No matter your interest you can always find something to spark inspiration here.

So, if you are looking to Edinburgh to provide the attractions during the day, then you have it sorted, and if you don’t you can always find inspiration here. But, what do you do when the day begins to end and you fancy exploring some more of this magnificent city? A bar, maybe? A pub? Well, we think you should go a bit beyond the norm when in Edinburgh, after all isn’t Edinburgh all about going beyond expectations?

We have searched far and wide to bring you what the internet feels are the top hidden bars and speakeasys in Edinburgh city centre. Not only that, we plan to test them and bring you an overall review of each one individually, what drink to try when there, and any secret items or food you should look out for.

What the Internet Says:


Panda And Sons

Heading through a bookcase you will find a cocktail bar abundant with a variety of drinks, ranging from the quiet Angel Face to the interactive cocktails, such as the High Society which is not only served in a hat, but also serves four people.

Secret Arcade Vodka Bar

If you visit The Arcade and enter down a little alley and in the secret back door, then you will also find a place brimming with drinks and over 100 different Vodkas. From apple infusions to dried fruit, this bar is all about tantalising your taste buds and bring you an explosion of flavours.

Bramble Bar

Having been voted one of the best cocktail bars in the world, this little gem is hard to find, and only those who know where it is, will be able to find it. Once inside this little lounge you will be treated to the best cocktails the city has to offer.

The Bon Vivant

Thistle Street would not really be known to tourists unless purposefully sent down there. However, it is full of hidden secrets and locations to discover, The Bon Vivant is one of them. Serving delicious food from an ever changing menu, accompanied by an ever changing cocktail menu, this is one apparently not to miss.

Hoot the Redeemer

This cocktail bar is secretly located in the city centre, not only serving alcoholic drinks but also alcoholic ice cream. Hoot the Redeemer brings you back to feeling like a child again, with alcoholic slushes as well.

Bryant and Mack

A front that screams old and unused private detective, this bar’s disguise is perfect. Once past the exterior this bar opens up to another world, being a truly top secret destination with wonderful cocktails that will have you wanting more.

The Permit Room

Downstairs below Dishoom, an Irani Café, is a fabulous cocktail bar, which is often overlooked unless you are waiting. Stay after dinner at Dishoom and discover this hidden bar.

Heads and Tails Bar

If you like gin then this is the place you need to be. Home to Edinburgh Gin, this bar offers a cosy atmosphere for you to discover. Nestled on Rutland Place this is a definite if you want to be impressed by their gin making skills.

The Potting Shed

Turning the inside out, this garden themed bar offers gastro British food served with the finest cocktails and drinks. Sit in amongst the foliage to feel that you are outside, even if the weather isn’t that ideal.

The Devil’s Advocate

Nestled down Advocate’s close, this bar is a restored Victorian building and is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh’s main street bars. Discover this bar and treat yourself to a range of drinks and cocktails.

The Last Word Saloon

A sister of Bramble Bar, this cocktail bar is full of surprises, like its sister it has amazing cocktails, but with a relaxed and chilled vibe, perfect for taking time out of exploring and perfect to reflect on the day.

What Citybase Apartments say:

Later on in April we will be putting these hidden bars to the test and finding out which one really does come top, which has the best atmosphere and which one serves the best drinks. We will have the perfect places for you to visit and where to stay while you do. Keep watching this space!


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