Serviced Apartments in New York


Serviced Accommodation in New York with its five boroughs – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Statten Island – all linked with efficient transport services, New York is a big city that is very easy to get around. Perfectly placed accommodation in New York City puts you within very easy reach of the major sights and if you need to be somewhere a little further away then just hop in a yellow cab outside your New York accommodation or take a ride on the famous New York subway.

With its iconic sights, fabulous shops and abundance of museums, galleries and cultural attractions New York is one of the most popular tourist hotspots in the US, if not the world and staying in conveniently located New York accommodation puts you in the heart of the action. Whether you want to be in the centre of Manhattan, close to the Meat Packing District or just a stroll from Greenwich Village our  accommodation in New York will put you there. 

In the 1660s the New York City skyline was dominated by a two-storey high windmill – much different to the towering skyscrapers of today.


New York has a humid continental climate with hot, humid summers, cool dry autumns, cold winters and wet springs. Temperatures in summer average around 29°c (84°F) but have been known to rise to over 38°c (100°F). Winter temperatures usually average 3°c (38°F) sometimes dropping to -18°c (0°F).


New York is bursting at the seams with sights to be seen and things to be done. Here are some of the highlights:
•    The Statue of Liberty – possibly the most famous landmark in America.
•    The Empire State Building – the tallest building in New York.
•    Rockefeller Centre – with its winter ice rink and summer open-air restaurant, NBC, Radio City Music Hall and the Channel Gardens it’s a top attraction. Go to the observation deck on the 70th floor for stunning views over the city.
•    Museums and galleries – so many to choose from but The Met, the Guggenheim and the Museum of Modern Art are some of the best.
•    Central Park – one of the most famous parks in the world in the very heart of Manhattan. 
•    Shopping – with Bloomingdale's, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and more you will be truly spoilt for choice.
•    The Brooklyn Bridge – one of the world’s most iconic bridges.


As a major city New York boasts an extensive and comprehensive transport network:
•    Subway – a vast network of fast, air-conditioned, cheap and safe subway services link over 400 stations across the city.
•    Bus – extensive serviced cover the entire city. Stops are easy to locate usually on street corners, every two to three blocks. 
•    Taxi – no trip to New York would be complete without a ride in a famous yellow cab. Easy to hail from the street particularly from intersections. 
•    Ferry – the Staten Island Ferry is probably the most famous in the city. Frequent and free, it’s well worth taking a trip just to get a great view of the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbour.


New York is home to some 20,000 restaurants offering all kinds of cuisine. However, there are a number of New York specialities that are a must-try on any trip to the Big Apple.
•    New York Bagel – no bagel in the world is quite as good as a New York Bagel.
•    New York Hot Dog – available from street vendors all over the city. Enjoy with mustard, ketchup or relish – or all three! 
•    New York Pizza – available by the slice New York pizza is the ultimate meal on the go. 
•    New York Deli Sandwich – whether you go for corned beef, pastrami, salami – whatever the filling it’s bound to be delicious.
•    New York Cheesecake – rich, smooth and yummy.