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Satrosphere Science Centre is a widely popular science museum in Aberdeen. It houses exhibits which are mainly aimed at younger children. It attracts primary school groups and families all through the year and the exhibits are extremely 'hands on' so that everything can be played with, explored and examined. The centre is a registered non-profit organization and is funded by the public and donations from local corporate sponsors. Birthday parties and other events for children are held here on a regular basis.

Satrosphere hold many workshops and events for people of all ages. On the 19th of March 2014 they have an evening dedicated to fizzly bath bombs and glittery science, where they will explore the world of cosmetics and beauty treatments for adults during their monthly Takeover event. There will be discussions about the science behind surfactants and what all those emulsifiers mean. On the 20th og March they are hosting an evening of astonishing science surrounding the brain. With access to activities that will confuse your brain, and an opportunity to learn mesmerizing facts and harness hidden powers you never knew you had. With help from researchers and professionals, it will really stick in your mind.

Satrosphere also host Little Scientists Days which offer fun, hands-on science activities that encourage learning through play and are great for younger scientists aged 3-5 years. Each Little Scientist Day workshop lasts approximately 30 minutes and is followed through with related activity tables on the Exhibition Floor.

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