Bangkok Serviced Apartments


Serviced Apartments in Bangkok

The capital of Thailand and one of the world’s top tourist destinations, Bangkok is an exotic and vibrant city, where skyscrapers and ancient Buddhist temples come together in a fascinating mix. A serviced apartment in Bangkok allows you to choose exactly when to go out or stay in, so you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the Thai capital, then relax in the serene, secure space of your own apartment.

A serviced apartment in Bangkok allows you the flexibility and space to explore the city at your own pace. Eat, cook and socialise, share amazing experiences with family and friends, without compromising on the space to relax and unwind.

Why should you visit Bangkok

Famous for its dynamic street life, colourful culture and cosmopolitan population, Bangkok is one of the top travel destinations in the world. Stunning Buddhist temples punctuate the skyscraper filled skyline, while markets showcase the Thai love for trading and provide some of the best food you can have anywhere.

A unique blend of history, culture and spirituality, the capital of Thailand is the ultimate exotic mix and perfect for travellers that enjoy wandering and exploring on foot, as life here is most definitely lived out in the open and on the streets.

New to Serviced Apartments?

Serviced apartments differ from other types of accommodation by offering a combination of space and services. 

In an apartment you have the space and flexibility of self-catering accommodation, including a kitchen and living area as well as multiple bedrooms, and the perks and services of a hotel. Perfect for any type of traveller, but particularly convenient for families and friends travelling together. So you can enjoy each other’s company without compromising personal space and the feeling of being somewhere special.

In a place as vibrant and dynamic as Bangkok, serviced apartments become your serene heaven, where you can stay and relax on days when you just want to take it easy and unwind.

Things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok is divided into areas and each one brings something completely unique to the table in terms of sights and attractions to visit. 

Out of these districts, the Old City is a must see. Here you will find the Grand Palace, the historical home of Thai royalty; Wat Prakeaw, home to the Emerald Buddha; the busy and bustling bright lights of Khao San Road; and the Wat Pho temple, which is not only beautiful, but also a centre for the study of Traditional Medicine and a good place to enjoy some famous Thai massage. Boasting traditional Thai architecture and adorned in a multitude of colours, no visit to Bangkok is complete without a trip to this part of town.

The Sukhumvit and Siam districts are the most modern parts of the city, and where you will find some of the largest shopping malls. Sukhumvit also hosts the most vibrant nightlife and in Siam, you will find Jim Thompson’s House, a museum dedicated to the man responsible for the revival of the Thai silk industry and a lover and collector of Thai art and antiques.

In the Riverside area of Bangkok is where you will find the famous Wat Arun temple, one of Southeast Asia’s most recognisable landmarks, as well as the colourful water taxis, ferrying passengers up and down the Chao Phraya River.

Other sights worth a visit are Chinatown, the Floating Market and Chatuchak Weekend Market, where you can buy just about anything.

Best time of the year to visit Bangkok

Bangkok’s climate is tropical, so hot and humid all year round. Unlike European countries, Thailand doesn’t really have four seasons, but rather three seasons based on rain frequency and intensity of the heat.

The most popular time for tourism, and when the city is at its busiest, is in between November and February, when temperatures are cooler and rain is infrequent. It’s worth noting that, in Bangkok, cooler temperatures are still above 20°C (68F) during the day, dropping a little at night time.

March to May is the hot season. For those not used to the heat, this could be uncomfortable and restrictive to sightsee, as it will feel extremely hot and rain is sparse. 

May to October is considered Bagkok’s rainy season, and therefore it’s also its low season for tourism. But if the rain doesn’t bother you, this is a good time of the year to visit as there are deals to be had on traveling costs, the city has its lowest number of visitors and the temperature is still hot.

Places to eat in Bangkok

Thai food is famous for its spiciness and five flavours – sweet, salty, bitter, sour and spicy. Dishes tend to have vibrant colours and mix vegetables and meat normally serviced with rice or noodles. Thai people also love snacking and they have several small meals a day rather than three big ones. 

Street food here is king and there are many open air food markets and stalls you can try. But if you want something a little more traditional, the area of Banglamphu, previously Bangkok’s most prestigious district, has an array of bars and restaurants worth exploring. This is also where you will find the bustling Khao San Road, full of restaurants, shops, and lit up after dark with streets of neon lights. And of course, the newer part of the city, Sukhumvit, also offers some interesting rooftop bars and restaurants with stunning views of the city.