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A land of forests and lakes, quaint cities, seaside fortresses and walled medieval towns - there is much more to Sweden than Ikea and ABBA. As the largest country in Scandinavia and the third largest in the European Union, Sweden has a great wealth of cities and areas to explore.

The capital Stockholm is one of the prettiest cities in the world and Sweden’s second city Gothenburg is a charming canal filled city very much reminiscent of Amsterdam. To take in the incredible natural beauty of Sweden head to the Swedish Lapland in north of the country where reindeer, elk and bears roam the deep green forests and where you can experience the Midnight Sun in the summer months and the breath taking Northern Lights in midwinter.

Most of Sweden has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. Because of its high latitude the length of daylight varies greatly – in Stockholm daylight lasts for 18 hours in late June and lasts for just 6 hours in late December whilst at the far north of the country the sun never sets for parts of summer and never rises for parts of winter.

Stockholm-Arlanda Airport to the north of Stockholm is the largest airport in Sweden followed by Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport.
The Oresund Bridge connects Sweden with Denmark.

Swedish is the official language of Sweden. Finnish is recognised as a minority language and Norwegian, Danish and English are widely understood.

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