Norway Serviced Apartments

Norway serviced apartments

A country famous for its natural beauty, sense of adventure, snowy sceneries and northern lights, Norway will inspire awe in any visitor.

Home to a stunning backdrop of jagged mountain peaks and tranquil waters, including the striking Geirangerfjord, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, Norway is the perfect place to relax and unclutter the mind, basking on the beauty and serenity of a simpler lifestyle that makes life move at a slower pace.

Sitting on the western portion of the Scandinavia Peninsula, the Norwegian passion for the outdoors also makes their country a prime spot for adventure tourism and an ideal destination for active travellers who enjoy outdoor pursuits. 

Visiting Norway is most certainly the trip of a life time.

When is the best time of the year to visit Norway?

The best time to visit Norway is during the summer, between June and August, when the weather is warm, the mountains are green and the days are long. In the north most parts of the country the sun doesn’t actually set, in a phenomenon known as the midnight sun.  Transport links are more frequent, attractions have extended opening hours, and outdoor pursuits like tracking a quite popular.

Autumn, from September and November, is also a nice time of the year to visit, and although the days gradually get shorter and the temperatures start to drop, daylight has a golden glow, making the scenery quite stunning. Attractions and transport links start functioning at reduced opening hours.

Winter here is cold and bitter with heavy snowfall. Daylight is reduced and, with it, opening times and transport services. But once late winter and spring arrive in March, bringing lighter days, Norway becomes a great place to ski and basically do anything related to snow, from dog-sledging to snowmobiling. It’s also in spring that the fjords come into their own, as the melted ice and snow from the heels creates striking temporary waterfalls. Definitely worth a visit.

A Nordic country, Norway is covered in snow for a good part of the year. If travelling outside the summer months, make sure you check the temperatures and bring appropriate clothing. The cold and snow can be extremely fun, as long as your hands and foot are warm.

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