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Morocco serviced apartments

Morocco holds many wonders and a rich history that makes this African country a dazzling place to explore. With stunning architecture, deserts, and Spanish and French influences, Morocco is one of a kind. Meaning "Kingdom of the West" in Arabic, Morocco's landscape, wildlife, and culture is diverse. Camel tours across the sand dunes to Marrakech are a world away from the highest mountain peak of Toubkal in North Africa, with its snow-capped jagged cliffs. Both of these things, however, can be discovered in Morocco and offer the best of both climates and diversities. 

Hike up the mountain ranges in the north or stand in awe at the Hassan II Mosque, whatever you choose to do we have the perfect serviced apartment for you in Morocco. Our serviced apartments in Morocco provide flexibility, space and views of the magnificent cities that call this country home.

When is the best time of year to visit Morocco?

Morocco's varied climate and landscape make it an ideal place to visit all year round. Although, with a beautiful lush landscape, abundant with green grass, hillsides and backed by palm trees, the spring is when this country is at its most impressive. This time of year offers a pleasant temperature and ideal hiking and touring conditions for you to take full advantage of this country.

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