Serviced Apartments in Tokyo

In the middle of the largest city on Earth, our serviced apartments in Tokyo are your quiet retreat. So you can enjoy the best the Japanese capital has to offer, but still have a safe heaven to return to and relax before another day of amazing sights and attractions.

With neon lights and skyscrapers dominating certain streets, Japan’s futuristic capital could easily be the setting of a sci-fi movie. The largest metropolis on Earth, it is also home to mega malls and an endless parade of restaurants, bars and entertainment venues, as well as museums, art galleries and gardens and many other interesting attractions. But while the city is ultra-modern, you only need to raise your eyes to Mount Fuji, the imposing ancient presence in the background, to remember this is the land of cherry blossoms, Geishas and origami, where precision and design take centre stage and many traditions have been followed for hundreds of years.