Indonesia Serviced Apartments

Indonesia serviced apartments

Famous for its diversity, natural beauty and exotic flavours, Indonesia makes for one intriguing journey.

A country of volcanic islands, over seventeen thousand of them to be precise, Indonesia is home to jungles, paradisiac beaches, komodo dragons, elephants, tigers and orangutans as well as vibrant cities, with exotic buildings and colourful culture and cuisine.

Different islands here have different cultures, customs and even languages, making Indonesia a fascinating country to visit. Highlights include the islands of Bali, Sumatra, Java, Papua and Borneo and it’s fairly easy to travel between the islands by train, boat, car, bus or plane.

When is the best time of the year to visit Indonesia?

A tropical country on the path of the Equator Line, Indonesia doesn’t have four distinct seasons, but rather two seasons based on the quantity of rainfall. May to October is the dry season and November to April the wet season, with January and February being the wettest months.

High-season takes place from June to September when accommodation and transport prices rocket due to the high demand, but during the other months you will find good deals and, if the rain doesn’t bother you, any time of the year is a good time to visit with only one caveat. 

As a large number of Indonesians follow the Islamic religion, a large number of the population will fast during Ramadan, which slows things down in the cities. A large number of restaurants will close or reduce their opening hours, and some will stop serving alcoholic drinks during the period, even in larger resorts.  You will also notice that during prayer times, services are reduced. At sunset, when the fasting finishes for the day, restaurants become busy and many serve a buffet option to cater for the larger numbers. While this certainly changes the dynamic a little, it is not a reason not to travel to Indonesia as many services will still operate, just in reduced capacity. Ramadan usually starts around the 27th of May, but based on the lunar calendar, the exact date changes every year. Make sure to check the dates before you travel.

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