Serviced Apartments in Helsinki


Serviced Apartments in Helsinki

Known for its interior design, nightless nights, and laidback, healthy lifestyle, Helsinki in Finland is a great city break destination. And there is no better way to experience the famous Nordic way of living than to stay in one of our Helsinki serviced apartments, so you can live in the Finnish capital like a local.

A travel destination for cruises, city breaks and winter sports fans, Helsinki offers a compact taste of the best Finland has to offer, from beautiful architecture to a vibrant nightlife. Come visit the land where the sun doesn’t set!

Why should I visit Helsinki?

Located in the Gulf of Finland, just off the Baltic Sea, Helsinki is a beautiful city, adorned with neoclassical buildings and surrounded by natural beauty. A setting only too conducive to the Finnish famously serene lifestyle, known for its cosiness and happiness.

Being close to the Arctic Circle, Finland is also home of the ‘Midnight Sun’, when during the summer months it enjoys several days where the sun doesn’t fully set and nights don’t go dark. In Helsinki, although the sun does set for a small amount of hours during the summer, the sunsets are long and late and the sunrise incredibly early, a phenomenon worth watching on its own.

Major attractions & sightseeing

There is plenty to see and do in the Helsinki and obviously what is available will change according to the very defined seasons. But one thing you cannot leave the capital without trying, regardless of the time of the year, is the sauna. An integral part of Finnish culture and lifestyle, saunas are considered part of an essential health-keeping routine. Most hotels will have their own sauna, but there are also public saunas you can visit.

On the more traditional end of sightseeing, there are many museums and art galleries as well as a zoo and amusement park. A highlight is the Sibelius Monument, Helsinki’s most famous attraction. And at the Old Market Hall and Market Square visitors have an opportunity to taste local food and buy keepsakes. 

For art and design lovers, the designer trail is certainly worth exploring. The tourist information centre also offers several self-guided walking tours you can take to explore different areas of the city and its architectural periods. And last but not least, you can also enjoy nature and boat tours.

During the summer the capital’s parks come to life and beaches open for swimming. If you want the latest insight tips for what is happening, from June to August you can request the assistance of any Helsinki Helper. Dressed in bright green and patrolling the city centre, they are mobile one-man information centres, able to not only give you directions and maps, but also tell you where is good and what is happening.

When to visit

Home to warm summers and snowy, cold winters, Helsinki offers a completely different array of possibilities depending on what time of the year you visit. 

If you don’t like the cold, the best time of the year to come on a city break is the summer, from June to August, when the days are long due to later sunsets, temperatures are warm and you can make the most of the many parks and attractions. The city also hosts varied events this time of the year and public beaches are open for swimming.

For winter sport fans, snow starts falling in southern Finland and Helsinki by early December and it stays until early March. This is the perfect time of the year to go skiing or skating than make the most of the saunas and warming foods. All the cafes in town also become extremely cosy during the winter season.

Spring is a short affair in Helsinki, taking place from April to May. But the Finnish affectionately say this is the season ‘to hear the ice sing’, as it cracks and pops when it starts to melt. Autumn, from September to November, is when the city gets bathed in hues of golden and red, nights start getting longer and temperatures drop. But if you don’t mind a little bit of cold and a lot of cosy, this could be the perfect time to visit.

Places to eat in Helsinki

As you would expect from a city by the sea where temperatures can drop below zero, Finnish cuisine involves a lot of wholemeal products, berries, milk and fish, although you will also find other delicacies and treats like reindeer meat. And of course, the menus here change as dramatically as the seasons do.

Helsinki is passionate about local produce and restaurants here will normally work with designated farmers. Their aim is to use premium, simple ingredients to create genuine flavours.  The city also hosts four ‘Restaurant Days’ a year when several popup eateries spring to life in parks, streets and homes.

There are many good restaurants dotted around the city, but its centre for food culture is The Abattoir, which hosts many food related events. The Old Market Hall will also give visitors a good taste of local cuisine. 

New to Serviced Apartments?

Boasting a kitchen and living area, available with multiple bedrooms and offering hotel-like services, our serviced apartments in Helsinki are the perfect way to experience an authentic Nordic lifestyle. 

Not only because Finland is famous for its interior design, and you can have a real taste of it in your very own apartment, but also because the culture is all about enjoying your home space with friends and family. 

Ideal for all types of travellers, particularly those travelling as part of a group, serviced apartments allow you to cook, eat and spend time together without compromising on personal space or loosing on the perks of staying in serviced accommodation. Explore the city like a visit, live in it like a local.