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Costa Rica is home to large expanses of protected rainforest, teaming with wildlife and natural beauty. This country compromises of smaller islands all offering unique and beautiful scenery. One of the most bio diverse countries in the world, Costa Rica is proud to have 25% of its country protected. In a region which has instability, Costa Rica is a stable democratic country with an extensive history shown throughout its museums. Explore the deep caves or stunning beaches, this country has something for everyone and every type of activity is possible here. It also boasts the title of one of the world’s happiest countries and is also one of the few sovereign nations not to have a standing army. So, if you need a peaceful, happy place to take time out of your busy schedule, travel to Costa Rica to discover beauty and calm.  

When is the best time of the year to visit Costa Rica? 

The peak tourist season in Costa Rica is between December to April when the country is brought to life by sunshine. This makes it the perfect time to sunbathe on beaches and discover the depths of the rainforests. However, this season is the most expensive to visit, as attractions up their prices and streets are busy. Between May and November the rainy season hits and the Costa Rica has sunny mornings with heavy rain in the afternoons typically.

Although the peak season of sunshine is popular with tourists, we recommend visiting in the green/rainy seasons. Costa Rica experts often describe this as the best time to visit. This is when lush sunny mornings are bought to life by active wildlife in the rainforests, streets are less crowded and shop prices have lowered. The coasts are generally warmer whereas the highlands are cooler, depending on your travel plans and group pick a location and season perfect for you. 

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