Serviced Apartments in Chengdu

A rich history and stunning countryside means that Chengdu is fast becoming one of China's most visited tourist destinations. Home to the Giant Panda breeding research centre and non-profit research for rare breeds, this magnificent city is at the forefront of import discoveries and wildlife. Our serviced apartments in Chengdu allow visitors to live like a local with all the comforts of home.

Step into your Chengdu serviced apartment and immediately feel at home in this wonderful city. With amenities close by and attractions to discover you will never be bored in this city steeped in culture and history. 

Why should you visit Chengdu?

Chengdu's history dates back around four thousand years, inhabited right through the Zhou Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, this city has been the hype of many archaeological digs throughout the centuries and has spurred many historians to research the area. Chengdu Plain, surrounding the cities is renowned throughout China as "The Country of Heaven" and is abundant with fast flowing rivers, grand mountains, and amazing wildlife. Chengdu takes great pride in its history and culture and it is no wonder why this city and its surrounding have been bestowed this name.

Chengdu is home to many destinations that allow visitors to explore the Chinese culture, history, and modern day living of Chengdu's citizens. From Jinli, a street that spans 550 meters and is part of the temple of Marquis to Du Fu Thatched Cottage which honors Du Fu and his works. This city is one of the most populous in China and as a result has sites, restaurants, and amenities for everyone to enjoy. 

New to Serviced Apartments?

If you have never had the opportunity to experience a serviced apartment, then let Citybase Apartments be the first to help you discover this world. Offering more privacy and space, with separate rooms, you are able to have your own space without encroaching on others. Serviced apartments offer more flexibility as well with separate kitchens and facilities so guests are able to cook at their own convenience without the hassle and extra expenditure of eating out each night. 

Our Serviced Apartments in Chengdu are close to amenities, restaurants, and shopping districts as well as public transport for those venturing further afield. Live like a local in this fabulous accommodation option, a great alternative to other accommodation choices. 

Things to do in Chengdu

In this city you will never be short of things to do and see. Discoveries are everywhere in Chengdu. jinli provides visitors with a street spanning 550 meters, with bars and shops housed in Qing Dynasty styled buildings, this street is part of the Temple of Marquis. China's proud history and rich culture means a visit to a Chinese destination is not complete without a visit to a site such as Jinli.

Du Fu Thatched cottage also provides an insight into Chinese heritage. Du Fu was an important Chinese poet who lived in the Tang Dynasty between the era of 712 AD and 770 A.D. He is considered to be one of China's greatest poets and Du Fu Thatched Cottage in Chengdu pays tribute to him and his works. Set in a 20 Acre park this museum is a perfect day out for everyone. 

For something to get you back to nature, then why not visit the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Pandas. Here, guests can observe this creature in its Chinese backdrop as well as a range of other endangered animals. 

Best time of year to visit Chengdu

Renowned in China and nicknamed "the land of abundance" for its ideal climate, Chengdu is perfect all year round, with a brief rainy period between July and August. The best time of year to visit this city would be between March and June, when guests can visit Jinli and the Spring festival. Missing out on the rainy season guests will be able to enjoy the city and the countryside in full bloom. With temperatures ranging from 16 degrees in March to an average high of 28 in June this weather is perfect for exploring the outdoor areas of Chengdu as well as the museums.

Places to eat in Chengdu

Chengdu offers guests many restaurants that are suitable for children. Offering a range of Chinese cuisine, from restaurants offering ancient medical food recipes, to Chinese hotpot chains, Chengdu is the perfect place to experience Chinese food at its finest. As well as all the traditional Chinese food, Chengdu provides guests with a range of international foods as well. From Tex Mex grills, to vegetarian restaurants there is something to appease all taste buds in this city.