Serviced Apartments Beijing


Serviced Apartments in Beijing

A serviced apartment in Beijing is your home away from home, where you can relax and unwind from the bustle of this megacity after a day of exploring its amazing sites and attractions.

Home to seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including none other than The Great Wall of China, Beijing is steeped in history, ancient culture and tradition. A fascinating place where ancient traditions seem to seamlessly merge into modern living, the capital of China will offer you  the holiday of a lifetime.

Why should I visit Beijing?

Renowned for its opulent palaces, temples and parks, Beijing’s history spans over three millennia. And although today it is one of the most modern cities in the world, it has preserved and cared for its history and traditions meticulously. 

As an imperial seat, Beijing provides an incredible insight into ancient Chinese history and is home to seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites – The Forbidden City, the largest palace complex in the world; Temple of Heaven, the emperor’s places of worship, built with incredible architectural precision; Summer Palace, the summer retreat of the Qing Dynasty; Ming Dynasty Tombs; and the archaeological wonders of Zhoukoudian as well as parts of the Great Wall and the Grand Canal, the longest artificial river in the world.

The capital of one of the world’s largest countries, Beijing is not only an absolutely fascinating and intriguing city to visit, but also the world’s second most populous city. Everything in this megacity is done on an extraordinary, grand scale. 

Major attractions & sightseeing

Home to some of the world’s most creative architectural designs, one of the most fascinating things about Beijing is the contrast between modern and traditional architecture. While parts of the city are ultra-modern, you just need to wander down a Hutong (alleyway) to see how real Chinese life ticks by in the Siheyuans, traditional Chinese housing.

In a city of magnificent proportions, finding museums, art galleries and landmarks to visit is not difficult. Highlights are obviously the historical sites; the Tiananmen, China’s symbolic landmark; the National Centre of Performing Arts and Beijing National Stadium.

When to visit

Beijing is described as having a continental monsoon climate, with four very distinct seasons offering very different sceneries depending on when your visit.

As a general rule, the best time of the year to visit Beijing is autumn, from September to November, and spring, March to May, when temperatures are warm and pleasant, rain frequency is low and the gardens are either in full bloom or autumnal colours. 

Summer is extremely hot and humid, with soaring temperatures and 75% of the annual precipitation falling in between June and August. And winters, although dry and beautiful, hit sub-zero temperatures with occasional snow.

There are many festivals and events worth taking part in Beijing, as long as massive crowds don’t faze you. Dates to watch out are the national public holidays when the Chinese have two days off work after the actual date and pay their respects at sacred and historic sites, making visiting these sites quite difficult. As they follow the lunar calendar, the days also change year on year, so it’s best to check them for the year you intend to travel.

Places to eat in Beijing

Chinese food is now famous the world over and in Beijing you will find the real thing, influenced by the surrounding areas and the city’s own taste for bold flavours.

Noodles and dumplings are more popular than rice here, due to the cooler weather, and street food commonly comes in the form of chuàn’r (barbecue skewers). But beware, just about anything can be skewed and barbecued in China, from lamb and vegetables to snake meat and sheep testicles. So it’s always worth checking what exactly you are buying.

The city is so vast that to list all the great restaurants would take days so check the area around where you are staying and around the sites you want to visit for the best places to eat.

New to Serviced Apartments?

Boasting a kitchen and living area as well as different bedroom configurations, serviced apartments are ideal for couples, groups or solo travellers, offering more space, convenience and privacy than any other type of accommodation. 

Comprising the space and flexibility of self-catering accommodation and the perks and services of a hotel, our service apartments in Beijing allow you to explore the city at your own pace. For families or friends sharing, apartments with multiple bedrooms can also provide substantial savings.

In a vibrant and big city like Beijing, there is nothing better than coming home after a busy day of sightseeing, kicking off your shoes and just relaxing. And our apartments are perfect for that.