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Chile is a narrow country that spans most of the length of South America. Chile’s diverse countryside, climate, and immense powerful nature offer imposing mountain ranges, to its desert landscapes. Its open expanses are home to a variety of wildlife as well from Elephant Seals to Taruca.

Chile’s territory also stretches to Easter Island, where visitors can find the famous stone heads of the Moai people. Chile’s varying climate ranges from the driest desert in the world to the ice and snow of the mountain peaks. Meaning that this beautiful country has something for all types of traveller, whether you fancy bathing in the sun or a bit of skiing.

When is the best time of the year to visit Chile? 

Due to its varying climate and diverse countryside Chile is often a destination for all year-round. December and January are the summer months when most residents in Santiago, the capital, leave for holiday. This is when the city becomes alive with tourists. For the winter sport lover, June to August bring many sport enthusiasts to the slopes, however many shops and attractions close and Southern Chile empties out. 

We recommend visiting this beautiful part of the world, either in spring (September to November) when colourful blooms flood the countryside; or to visit in autumn (March to May) when the stunning colours of autumn fill Chile with glorious browns, yellows and reds. 

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