Travel Through The Ages

Travel Through The Ages

Travel Through The Ages

Whatever your age, gender or relationship status; whether you're a brilliant Baby Boomer or a confused Millennial, we all love to travel, take a break now, and escape from reality now and then. But, how do travel priorities differ across the demographics?

We wanted to understand this in a bit more detail, so we spoke to eight incredible bloggers from different walks of life and asked them what their travel and accommodation priorities were. Their answers and experiences have given us a fascinating insight and we loved finding out more about what makes them tick when they travel!

Name: Suzi 


Image of Suzi below by: Alun Callender Alternative ageing, Suzi Grant with Seville

Alternative Ageing blogger, influencer, broadcaster, and author Suzi grant, is in her late sixties, though we fail to believe this! Her amazing style, healthy attitude, and positive ageing motto is something everybody should live by. She not only writes this wonderful blog which you need to check out, but has written three books, and has treated hundreds of patients as a nutritionist.

Why we love alternative ageing: The positive can-do attitude and inspiration she provides to others.

What is one holiday trip that you'll never forget?

"So difficult, there have been so many as I have been lucky enough to combine work with travel most of my life and have always tagged on a bit of a holiday at the end of a work trip! My recent trip to India travelling across Rajasthan by train has to go down as one I will remember for the rest of my life.  In fact, any holiday that has involved travelling across a country by train is always very special because of the constant changing scenery, the people you meet and the relaxing way of travelling.  I have been travelling by train, whenever possible, rather than driving, ever since my Mum took me to Bulgaria (she was from there) on the Orient Express when I was 16. I have been addicted ever since!"

What do you look for when choosing the right accommodation?

"I always check reviews for WiFi, cleanliness, location and amenities.  Really good WiFi is essential as I need to stay in touch, even on holiday, as a blogger.  I love serviced apartments and have had the best experiences with them. Reviews and Trip Advisor etc. are everything. I need peace and quiet but I do like easy access to a city centre, preferably within walking distance.  I always travel with an eye mask and ear plugs, just in case! I love sun and relax and city breaks.  Anything that involves interesting photography opportunities, such as architecture."

Who do you normally travel with?

"I often travel solo and have done for years.  But I always meet up with family and friends along the way. And city breaks with favourite female friends is always fun, or my brothers! Even with friends, if it’s for more than a few nights I prefer separate bed rooms.  I am just about to meet my two brothers in Palm Springs and we are all having separate rooms.  I think it’s an age thing!"

Which city would you visit next if you had the chance? Hot or cold?

"Gosh, have been lucky enough to visit so many it’s hard to chose.  Seville. I have never been to Seville in Spain. Definitely in the heat as I live in very changeable UK!"

Citybase Recommends:

For Suzi we recommend the beautiful Relator Apartments in Seville. The apartments are located on a quiet residential road but only a 13 minute walk from the city centre. Its location is unrivaled in this area. With a choice of a one bed or attic apartment, it offers space, cleanliness, and of course WiFi for blogging. Suzi can also host family and friends with the fully equipped kitchen to try out some homemade tapas.

Relator apartment imagesName: Natalie


Ginger Natalie at apartment in casablanca

If you are in need of style inspiration, fashion twists, and travel, look no further than Natalie's blog. A self-confessed fashion addict and author of the "Ginger Space" this blog is one of a kind and will inspire you no end.

Why we love Ginger Natalie: Her colourful styles and inspiring ideas to make fashion more fun.

What kind of travelling do you enjoy and who do you go with?

"I am a hybrid traveller, I love all parts of seeing a country. I love exploring, relaxing, seeing the culture, experiencing new adventures different countries have to offer. I love both hot and cold places, but if I had to pick, it’s got to be heat and getting a natural tan and wearing summer fashion! Most important thing is a beach or a central location, I love exploring. What is the point in visiting a country if you do not go and visit it? I love visiting countries with my friends and family as they are completely different experiences. Friends is all about having fun and seeing the sights, whereas going with my family means I spend precious time with them and experience new cultures together making memories along the way."

What has been your favourite holiday so far?

"My favourite holiday memory is visiting Thailand and feeding the baby elephants. They are my favourite animals and it is a memory I will always treasure. That and meeting the monkeys in Bali. I am huge animal lover!"

Where would you go next if you could?

"I would love to go to Marrakesh next in Morocco, it is so Insta-worthy and cultured, two things I always look for when travelling. On my bucket list as well is to visit all the Disney land parks! I am such a big kid!"

Citybase Recommends:

For Natalie we have chosen the fantastic Marrif Apartments in Casablanca, Morocco. These modern apartments are located in the city centre, but within walking distance from a theme park (as close to Disney within Morocco), the stunning architecture of Casablanca Cathedral and an array of museums and galleries. A short journey away she can find incredible beaches and the Hassan II Mosque which is well-worth a visit and definitely Insta-worthy. Jump on a nearby train and she can also see the beautiful sights of Marrakesh. From Casablanca you can also get camel tours across the desert!

Casablanca Apartments

Name: Josephine


Chic at any age with tokyo apartment

Josephine's blog is aimed at women over 50, a supportive community sharing what style and fashion means for them. Spending her time in both London and St. Tropez her blog focuses on not only how to wear her stunning style ideas, but also on her travels, from Wales to Auxerre.

Why we love Chic At Any Age: We love the inspiration she has given us and following her on her journeys.

Tell us about your travel habits.

"Peace and quiet is best, I normally visit with my family, my husband and occasionally friends. I'm a cosy and cool traveller with a touch of culture added in. I like exploring the cooler countries."

Name four things you look for in accommodation.

"Medium size space, a light airy apartment, a good kitchen and comfortable quiet bedroom."

What was your best holiday?

"Spending a week on one of the remote Aeolian Islands then a week in Capri. Exploring the remoter parts of the islands. Also a trip to India visiting Delhi, Mumbai and visiting the Taj Mahal."

Where to next?

"Tokyo during the cherry blossom season."

Citybase Recommends:

For Josephine we think these Ascott Marunouchi Apartments in Tokyo would be perfect. Cherry Blossom season is between late March to mid-April/early May and this property is right next to the Tokyo Imperial Palace and Gardens, well-known as one of the best places for the blossom. Although in the city centre, these apartments offer peace and quiet with spacious, airy and bright rooms. An on-site restaurant is also available as well as a daily house keeping service, swimming pool, and fitness suite.

Tokyo apartments

Name: Adam


travels of adam and rome

Travels of Adam, is one blog we absolutely recommend. In 2010 Adam quit his job as a book designer and decided to take a trip around the world, something many of use dream of. Follow his experiences and LGBTQ travel guides to inspire your next trips. His unique blog gives insights that most other LGBTQ blogs fail to do. His travels look beyond amazing, and we are avid readers.

Why we love Travels of Adam: He's been to more than just a few countries and has tips and tricks for everyone.

You've travelled so much! So what was your favourite and where to next?

"My favorite holiday was when I visited India and stayed in a small beach hut on a quiet beach for two weeks and did nothing but eat good food, swim, and read books. I never get tired of visiting London's museums - especially the Tate Modern but next would have to be Rome - I could always eat more pasta and pizza!"

What do you look for when choosing accommodation?

"I'll check recent reviews, but mostly it's all about the location. I love the lively city centre! I definitely like a big comfy bed, and depending upon the type of trip I don't mind how much space. I need  a clean and good shower! I can suffer through a slightly uncomfortable or awkward bed, but I need a good shower to start my day."

Culture Vulture or Thrill Seeker?

"Culture vulture - I want to see the museums and experience whatever's local"

Who do you normally travel with?

"I usually travel solo have a look:"

Citybase Recommends:

For Adam we think that Specci Apartment in Rome's lively city centre would be perfect. The apartment is surrounded by pizza and pasta restaurants perfect for all appetites. The Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Rome's Botanical Gardens are all within walking distance so the culture vulture is definitely satisfied. With a great shower and comfy bed this apartment is a great choice when in Rome.


Name: Jo 


slummysinglemummy in istanbul

Slummy Single Mummy, Jo, is, as far as we can tell, not slummy. Her blog is full of the weird, wonderful, and absolutely great. From rants to money tips, this blog is full of articles on a wide range of topics. We haven't stopped reading this blog since we found it and Jo doesn't shy away from the offbeat, the wacky and the realities of travel, parenting and life!

Why we love Slummy Single Mummy: Her candid reviews, honesty, and absolutely random facts and articles throughout her blog.

What do you look for with accommodation abroad?

"I often travel either on my own or with my children, for me, good transport links is a must so I can visit the local area. If I’m travelling with my teenager then WiFi! There’s a place for both [busy and quiet locations]! A quiet corner of the city maybe? I do normally read reviews. Affordability, comfort, location – they are all important. I do like my own space as well but I like being around other people too. I’m pretty easy going.

What's your best memory of a holiday?

"We had a caravan holiday with my grandparents when I was about eight years old that has always stayed with me. My grandparents had a separate caravan so it was really exciting when we got to stay over with them! I also remember visiting Goonhilly and my Gran drinking two milkshakes in the safe there"

What attraction would you visit/re-visit?

"I’d love to ride the Orient Express."

Where to next?


Citybase Recommends:

For Jo we have decided these incredible Burgu Arjaan Apartments would give her the most amazing break away in Istanbul. The WiFi is fast, for her teenager, but the apartments are also within walking distance from the metro station which will get her into the Istanbul City Centre in no time to explore all of the attractions, museums, and galleries. The location is quiet and on-site facilities such as a gym, pool, steam room, and restaurant would allow her teenager to explore in the comfort of the property as well.

Burgu Arjaan ApartmentsName: Susan


susan after 60 in gournay en bray

Her story is one of the most amazing we have ever read. In 1997 at forty, she weighed more than two hundred pounds and the following year, became homeless. The way she has turned this all around, truly shows that she is not just a blogger or influencer, but an inspiration and a wonderful person as well. Her blog is worth reading no matter what sparks your interests, from beauty, food, and lifestyle she has written about it all.

Why we love Susan At 60: She has shown that courage prevails all and all her articles are as interesting and inspiring as her next.

Where would you go if you had the chance?

"Paris, always in the heat"

What are your travel habits?

"I like to travel alone.​ I want privacy and convenience and prefer a ​clean​,​ bright​,​ and modern space.​ I'll take the peace and quiet as well. I am a beachcomber, nature hiker, and botanical garden visitor.​ I want accommodation to be quiet and safe.

Which place would you visit/re-visit?

"Saint Augustine, Florida​."

And what is your best holiday memory?

"Wandering around the grounds of Edison and Ford Winter Estates was a delight."

Citybase Recommends:

For Susan we think these Au Detour de Gournay Apartments in Gournay-en-Bray would be ideal. Gournay-en-Bray is just a short journey from the streets and city centre of Paris. Unlike Paris, however, it is quiet, private, and is surrounded by stunning French countryside. It is also close to the city of Dieppe and the northern coast and beaches of France. The apartment itself is a modern space as well.

Gournay-En-Bray apartments

Name: Rachel 


the confused millennial ad the greee

The Confused Millennial, Rachel, offers a blog to support and cheer on other confused millennials. Whilst trying to figure out how to "adult" she has written this blog to help others work out the "adult" thing. From tips on the real world, to entertainment, don't worry Rachel has your back.

Why we love The Confused Millennial: Because even we haven't figured out this "adult" thing and it's good to know the struggle is real.

Where would you like to visit next what type of traveller are you?

"Omg, I can't choose just one (I am the confused millennial after all!) So I'm going to go with entire islands and countries, not cities and say: Bali, the Maldives, Norway, Greece, and Spain to name a few. I'd say I'm a combo of thrill seeker, sun and relax (only I always stay in the shade), and cozy and cool. I also need the HEAT! Growing up in FL, I prefer not to do cold."

What do you look for when finding accommodation?

"I'm a bit high maintenance when it comes to accommodation, so I look at a bunch of things like: strength of internet connection, cleanliness, reviews, hidden fees (daily fee, additional city taxes, parking fees, etc.), what's included (breakfast), and location! I also need peace and quiet, since I like to take time away from the hustle and bustle, I'm all about a really comfortable spaces where I don't feel like I'm on top of anyone.  Clean drinking water and a comfortable/safe place to stay are also a must."

Who do you normally go away with?

"The husband <3" 

What's your favourite holiday so far?

"My husband and I were engaged at the time, in Amelia Island, FL for work and some fun, when we realised it's where we were going to get married. It was such a peaceful and joyful realization. The area was exactly what I had been looking for: a large grassy garden feel overlooking the ocean."

Citybase Recommends:

Scale Suites Luxury Residence in Athens is located in the Kefallinon district, a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, close to the coast and beaches. With one or two bedroom apartments there is plenty of space to go around. The property also offers a free welcome pack, a shopping service, on-site bar and cafe, free WiFi and communal gardens.

Scale Suites apartments

Name: Karen, Freyja, Emily, and Rich.


stopping at two in new york

Stopping at Two, wonder woman, Karen has documented life as a family with her two children and husband since 2014. She is a part-time science teacher and writes wonderful content about juggling life as a working mum. Living in Gloucestershire she documents her time in the area as well as her travels, and we just love following her lifestyle.

Why we love Stopping At Two: Her great reviews of her travels in the UK and her beautiful daughters.

Where would you love to go if you got the chance?

"New York. Having seen it featured on so many of my favourite films and TV programmes, I would love to see it and experience what the city is really like for myself. I would love to visit The Empire State Building when I do eventually get to New York. It is such an iconic and beautiful building and I would love to see the view of New York from the top of it."

You have a fantastic family to travel with now so what do you look for in accommodation?

"Large accommodation suits us better now we holiday as a family. Being able to have separate sleeping areas for ourselves and the girls is something that is really important. It means that Rich and I can have some time to relax together in the evening and aren't forced to go to bed at the same time as the girls or spend a few hours together drinking wine in an en-suite bathroom so as not to wake up the girls. I will always look at reviews first when looking for accommodation, and somewhere definitely in the lively city centre, so in the morning I can get out straight away and start exploring as soon as I can. I like to completely explore a place when I visit it."

What's one thing you just have to have at your accommodation?

" A kettle so I can make myself a cup of tea, just how I like it after a day of exploring the city or lounging on a beach."

What was your best holiday?

"I have had some amazing holidays. Before having children, my favourite holiday memory was in Paris visiting The Louvre when Rich and I had our first holiday together and seeing the Mona Lisa. However, since having children, my best holiday memory was staying in St Ives Cornwall and watching Freyja start to take her first steps whilst on the beach there."

Citybase Recommends:

We think The Branson Apartment in New York city centre is perfect for Karen and family. The property is located within walking distance of Central Park, Empire State Building, and Times Square. The apartment has three bedrooms and tonnes of space perfect for this family. They will no longer have to drink wine in the en-suite. Public transport links are also nearby perfect for exploring further afield.

New York Apartment

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