Top Living Rooms From Around The World

Top Living Rooms From Around The World

Top Living Rooms From Around The World

A room where relaxation and socialising go hand in hand, the living room can be the most functionally diverse room in a house. From hosting parties and entertaining friends to being a bubble of warmth and cosy nights in, living rooms are an essential part of our everyday living. We’ve taken eleven of our most amazing serviced apartments to bring you our top living rooms from around the world.

The Modern Dweller

A Splash of Red and White, Zurich

Bahnhofstrasse Living Room Top Living Rooms

This living room at the Bahnhofstrasse Apartments provides modern luxury for a great stay in Zurich. Located in the Wallisellen area of the city, this sleek and attractive apartment will show you how diverse this room can be with a contemporary decor and a great room for entertaining. These apartments are ideal for a romantic getaway or a great group stay with one and two beds available.

Minimalist Living, Copenhagen

Stay Copenhagen Top Living Rooms

The sleek and minimalistic style at Stay Copenhagen Apartments shows off the amount of space the property has to offer. After enjoying the on-site gym, food shop, and restaurant guests can enjoy a relaxing glass of wine in this luxurious minimalist apartment. With its pristine white and black decor, these apartments are ideal for enjoying the picturesque views of Copenhagen.

The Entertainer

Open Spaces, New York

Starry Night Top Living Rooms

This spacious area in the Starry Night three bedroom townhouse is the ideal space for entertaining a few friends with glasses of wine and relaxing music. With its modern interior and spacious rooms, it offers the perfect place to slow down in the city that never sleeps. With New York outside your window and an array of entertainment options at your doorstep, guests who love hosting friends and family will have found one of the top living rooms in the Big Apple.

Parisian Fine Dining, Paris

La Clef de Eiffel Top Living Rooms

La Clef de Eiffel offers views of the Eiffel Tower and is perfectly situated between des Champs-Elysees and the Trocadero. The French are famous for their cuisine, so why not hold a luxurious dinner party then retire to this beautifully decorated living room for a glass of your favourite French wine. The open space gives guest time to relax whilst talking to those preparing the table. A wonderful area to chat with friends, hold a romantic date or entertain the family.

The Romantic

The Fairytale, Edinburgh

Old Town Chambers Top Living Rooms

Old Town Chambers Apartments not only offer an amazing location and up to three-bed apartments, but they are also the perfect place to rekindle romance or spark a new flame. Offering gorgeous views of Edinburgh and the surrounding area. The romantic living room in this property is the perfect way to spend an evening in. Cuddled up on the sofa with your partner watching the perfect film as the world goes by. With modern decor and vibrant furnishings, this romantic getaway is a perfect weekend away.

A Victorian Affair, Aberdeen

Apple Apartments Aberdeen Top Living Rooms

Housed in a former Victorian church, these spacious apartments at Apple Apartments Aberdeen, ooze charm and beauty. Offering the perfect setting to woo your partner, with stain glass windows making the light to the living rooms glitter with colours. A central location to Aberdeen, this stunning property is ideal for snuggling up in a romantic and unique setting in Scotland. Making this beautiful area of the UK one of our top living rooms for couples and romantic getaways.

The Luxurious

Luxury Vintage, London

Thorney Court Top Living Rooms

Situated in an affluent area of London, Cheval Thorney Court in Kensington boasts a great location whilst giving guests a taste of gracious living. Furnished in a luxurious vintage style and typically English decor, these living rooms are ideal for relaxing and having afternoon tea or catching up with friends and relatives. This room creates a fantastic space for everyone to enjoy.

A Royal Welcome, Edinburgh

The Rutland Top Living Rooms

The Rutland Residence offers the ultimate lap of luxurious living in the centre of Edinburgh's Old Town. Set in a Georgian townhouse, the elegant style and decor perfectly compliment the setting and exterior of the apartments. So, why not relax and soak up the atmosphere in this magnificent living room, whilst gathering as a family or treating friends to a stay in Edinburgh?

The Family

Modern Family, Windsor

Henley Apartments - Top Living Rooms

With two and three bedroom townhouses available, these contemporary properties at Henley Apartments are the ideal getaway for any family. With many attractions within driving distance of the houses your children, no matter how big or small, are sure never to be overcome with boredom. This stunning living room provides space and entertainment. A DVD-player is provided and ideal for entertaining the little ones, while you relax from a day out. Making this one of our top living rooms for families.

A Family Capital, London

Fountain House - Top Living Rooms

Looking for a for a family stay in London? With up to four-bedrooms available this property offers a great space for all relatives, big and small. Overlooking Hyde Park and the Italian Gardens, the Fountain House offers a grand living room and is within walking distance of many top tourist attractions perfect for keeping everyone busy. The living room itself is fitted with DVD players, Wifi and large comfy furnishings for everyone to relax and catch up.

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