Top 12 Kitchens with the Most Striking Colours

Top 12 Kitchens with the Most Striking Colours

Top 12 Kitchens with the Most Striking Colours

Kitchens are the heart of any home. They are also one of the key benefits of choosing a serviced apartment. So we've decided to show you how beautiful our kitchens are. Behold, our top kitchens with the most striking colour.

One thing we absolutely love about serviced apartments is how they have a kitchen space. In fact, kitchens are so important, they are the most Instagrammed room in interior design! As a traveller, they sure do make life a lot easier if you are travelling with children, have specific dietary requirements or are staying for a while. After all, sometimes it’s just nice to take it easy and have dinner in front of your TV.

Somewhere over the rainbow…

Purple Pink Kitchen

One of our most luxurious properties in London, Arlington House Apartments is most certainly where you would stay if what you want is the wow factor. If the park views and stunning décor don’t do it for you, maybe this purple pink kitchen will.

kitchens with striking colours

Blue Kitchen

In Edinburgh, you just need to look at the beautiful tartans or walk up to Arthur’s Seat to see spectacular colours, but The Knight Residence by Mansley adds the blue to our rainbow and goes retro cool with this beautiful blue kitchen.

Green Kitchen

Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is a mixture of old and new, exotic and ultra-modern. And this green kitchen at Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon Serviced Residences does just that – joins modern lines to the earthy shades of green and wooden browns.

Green Kitchen in Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon Serviced Residences, Kuala Lumpur Yellow Kitchen

As the weather in London can be a little unpredictable, Gate House Apartments decided to take matters in their own hands and add a little sunshine into their apartment with this bright yellow kitchen. This one will definitely make it onto your Instagram gallery.

Red Kitchen

The Apartments Chelsea – Draycott Place, London, have splashes of colour as their signature style, making every apartment different and fun. And no rainbow would be complete without sultry reds, presented to its best on their beautiful and clever red kitchen.

Draycott Place Apartments, London

Two Shades of Grey Kitchen

There are many shades of grey, but if you want to be gentle, you can start with the earthy mushroom tones of taupe. When it comes to this shade, nobody does it better than The Rosebery Apartments in London.

Shades of gray kitchen at the Rosebery Apartments, London

You can take it a shade deeper with charcoal and the beautiful dark grey kitchens at Alban House Apartments in St Albans.

Charcoal Kitchen at Alban House Apartments, St. Albans

The Devil is on the detail…

It’s all in the words

Not only is the kitchen at Roomzzz Nottingham City in hues of lilac, it also comes with a word filled splashback, creating quite a stunning look. Another kitchen that will most certainly make it onto your Instagram wall.

Lilac kitchen in Roomzzz Nottingham City Apartments Chocolate Sprinkles

If you want eye-popping details, then design-led Cuckooz Serviced Apartments are the one for you. Not only are they in trendy areas of London, the décor of their apartments is also jaw-dropping. Want proof? Have a taste of the chocolate sprinkled kitchen. Contact our office for more information on this property.

Ramping up the drama

This grey and red kitchen at Skyline Plaza Apartments in Basingstoke puts a capital ‘D’ in ‘dramatic effect’. Warm, vibrant and at the same time incredibly modern. This is not a kitchen that would go unnoticed.

Grey and red kitchen Skyline Plaza Apartments, Basingstoke Everythings looks better in black & white…

White Kitchen

Ok, so white kitchens are hardly groundbreaking, but did you know that white is not a colour per se, neither is it the absence of colour? It is in fact the product of mixing all colours. This is why a spinning colour wheel looks white. Since it is actually the mixture of all colours, we though it deserved a place on our spectrum.

Especially, when we are talking about the stunning white kitchens at Htel Amsterdam Buitenveldert Apartments in the Netherlands. They are white kitchens alright, but they anything but boring.

White kitchen Htel Amsterdam Buitenveldert

All Black Kitchen

Did you know black is also not a colour per se, but rather the absence of colour? While it might technically not have a place on our colour chart, the brownish black kitchens at Old Town Chambers Apartments in Edinburgh most certainly deserve a spot on our list as we think they look rather stunning, even if we say so ourselves.

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