Top 12 Family Fun Things to do in Dublin

Top 12 Family Fun Things to do in Dublin

Top 12 Family Fun Things to do in Dublin

Dublin is renowned for rambunctious pubs, late night music and world famous locally distilled alcohol, but Dublin is not just catered to party animals. There is another side to Dublin which is fun, family friendly and – sometimes – free! Here we count down the top 12 family fun things to do in Dublin, all perfectly accessible from your Dublin luxury serviced apartment.

12. The National Botanic Gardens - FREE

National Botanical Gardens Dublin

Giving the kids an opportunity to get the energy out of their system is very important when on a family vacation. The National Botanic Gardens offer the perfect opportunity for just that, thanks to its vast spaces of luscious grass – ideal for running around. There is even a Great Palm House to explore, with tropical heat to warm you up when coming in from the cool Irish air, and exotic plants from around the world to discover. Finish your trip with a picnic in the gardens before heading back to the city centre.

11. The Museum of Archaeology – FREE

Museum of Archaeology Dublin

Children and parents alike will adore the exhibits in the Museum of Archaeology. From Viking artefacts to the Irish Gold exhibition – with incredible gold items dating back to 2200 BC – there is an endless amount to see and discover. There is even a collection of ‘bog bodies’, human sacrifices preserved over hundreds of years in Irish bogs. Definitely an exhibit for kids who like their history gruesome!

10. The Natural History Museum – FREE

A hippo head inside the Natural History Museum, Dublin

The Natural History Museum is bursting with incredible items and preserved animals - sure to fire up the imaginations of children who visit. From skeletons of deer to fully realised tigers - ferocious fangs and all! - there is no shortage of creatures to learn about. With temporary exhibits all year round, the museum always has something new and interesting to offer, as well as a hugely popular gift shop filled with toys and books for the inquisitive mind.

9. The National Leprechaun Museum

Lego leprechaun on a map of Dublin

To sample some Irish magic, look no further than the National Leprechaun Museum. This small (appropriately) but unforgettable museum tells all about the many mythical beings of Ireland and their history, and even includes a room with giant furniture so you can experience life as a leprechaun!

8. Dublin Zoo

A monkey walking on tight rope in Dublin Zoo

There is nothing quite like seeing a Giraffe striding through Dublin's "occasional" rainfall. Dublin Zoo is home to an impressive array of fantastic animals, from wolves to hippos and leopards - including waterside areas where monkeys roam freely across tree tops and tightropes. The zoo is also home to restaurants, picnic areas and gift shops so can easily cater to the family's needs over a day of animal adventures.

7. Vaults Live

Dark vaults with steps leading to sunlight

Looking for a fright? Vaults Live is a haunting historical experience, in which actors guide you through a Dublin Victorian schoolhouse while telling their macabre and scary stories. For younger children, there is a junior tour option - perfect for little ones who enjoy the horrible side of history.

6. Awesome Walls

A boy with rope harness climbing an indoor climbing wall

Ireland's largest indoor climbing centre, Awesome Walls offers an exciting and memorable day out for all the family. With a range of climbing activities available to every ability level (from complete beginner to expert), including abseiling, rope climbing, lead climbing and more - Awesome Walls can offer a climbing experience tailored to you and your family.

5. Viking Splash Tours

Viking splash tours yellow aquatic vehicle driving through Dublin

Ever dreamed of exploring Ireland's capital in a second world war amphibious vehicle? Well now is your chance. Viking Splash Tours transport eager visitors to the city around its major sights by road and by water. With an excellent view of the city from its streets, things only get better when diving into the river and seeing the city from a completely different angle - one which few people get to experience.

4. Dublina

A viking in full armour

Dublina offers the unique opportunity to learn about Dublin's viking and medieval past - including trying on Viking clothing, exploring a Viking street and learning all about what Viking longboat voyages would have been like! You can also climb to the top of St Michael's Tower to view the Dublin skyline from a great height - perfect for getting some family selfies.

3. The Chocolate Warehouse

A woman creating chocolate roses in a chocolate factory

An ideal experience for anyone with a sweet tooth, The Chocolate Warehouse caters to everyone's chocolate needs. Here you can learn all about the history of chocolate and its production and, most importantly, you can take part in a chocolate workshop and get creating your own delicious delights!

2. Aquazone

A small girl on a water slide

With 8 incredible rides and numerous slides for the whole family to enjoy, Aquazone is a hugely popular water park in Dublin which kids are never keen to leave. For smaller children, there is a pirate ship with slides and cannons, while for the more daredevil 'big kids' there are hurtling slide rides such as the 'Dark Hole', in which you slide at rocketing speeds in total darkness!

1. Malahide Castle

Malahide Castle and grounds in Dublin

For a family day out with something for absolutely everyone, Malahide Castle is at the top of the pile. With beautiful historic rooms to explore, acres of perfect-for-picnics lawns, a butterfly house and a fairy trail, Malahide castle is packed with activities for children and parents alike. The castle even has a top rated playground with zip-line for the mini adrenaline junkies out there.

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