18 Things to Do in Birmingham with the Kids Come Rain or Shine

18 Things to Do in Birmingham with the Kids Come Rain or Shine

18 Things to Do in Birmingham with the Kids Come Rain or Shine

When it comes to city breaks, Birmingham is a must - with its nightlife, shopping and major exhibitions at the NEC. If you are travelling with kids, don't worry. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the popular attractions. We’ve compiled a list of 18 things you can do in Birmingham with your little ones, even if they're not actually that little,  so you can make your city break fun for the whole family.

1. Cadbury World

Adults £18.00, Child £13.25

Cadbury world sign outside of the building
Come and explore the world of Cadbury!

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Forget Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and think more Cadbury World. This popular attraction has something for everybody. From Aztec Jungles to a Purple Planet, Cadbury World is one not to miss. Treat your kids to as much chocolate as they can handle, and after a spin at the playground outside and the Cadabra Ride inside they will be ready to sleep through the night, leaving your night free for a relaxing glass of wine.

2. SEA LIFE Aquarium

Tickets from £13.95

Children looking into a large fish tank
Discover your inner aquatic animal at the SEA LIFE centre

The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham is fun for everyone - not just the kids! Children and adults alike will be captivated by the penguins, octopus and turtles whilst learning something new about each exhibit and some fun facts about sea creatures that will easily impress. Not only does this Aquarium provide a fantastic experience but it also serves to protect, rescue and breed endangered species, drawing on the years of knowledge of marine biologists. Have a look at their website for talks and feeding times to make the most out of your visit.

3. Birmingham Treasure Trail

Print at home £9.99

Kids on a treasure trail in the woods
Become an explorer while visiting Birmingham

If you want to explore Birmingham a bit more and try out new things along the way, then why not try out this themed self-guided treasure trail. Once ordered or downloaded online at a small cost, this map will lead you across the city, taking about an hour to complete. While the kids lead ahead and answer the questions, you can enjoy a relaxing walk around some of the beautiful areas of the city. You could even be in with a chance to win real treasure if all the questions are answered correctly!

4. Cannon Hill Park


Serene lake in Cannon Hill Park
Have a relaxing afternoon in Cannon Park

Cannon Hill Park is one of Birmingham’s best and biggest parks. While its parkland consists of 80 acres of formal grounds for picnics and jogging, it also contains some fantastic ways to keep your children free from boredom. From a fun fair park with rides for ages 0 – 10 years old, to a mini-golf course, there is something for all ages while visiting Cannon Hill Park. This park is an ideal day out for all ages and will keep everyone entertained for the day.

5. Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park

Adult £6.75, Child £3.50

Leopard sat on a rock
What animal would you be?

The Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park is a small zoo packed full of exciting and wonderful animals, from red pandas to otters. Your kids will be amazed by the residents’ playful antics. There are also feeding times and talks where you can make the most of your visit by teaching your children (and yourself) about how the animals live in the wild. Best of all, the park helps with the conservation and breeding of endangered animals and you have the opportunity to sponsor some of the animals yourself! It’s the perfect day out for all the family.

6. BBC Birmingham Visitors Centre


A view of Birmingham
The BBC is waiting for their next presenter...

Ever wanted a career in TV? Well here’s your chance! With special features including Doctor Who’s Tardis and Derek the Dalek, you can meet some of the BBC’s most well-known characters. You can even take a tour around the sets, where no two tours will be the same as every day is different at the BBC.

7. Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Adult £7.50, Child £5.25

Waterfall inside the botanic garden
Enjoy a bit of nature while staying in the city

Birmingham’s Botanical Gardens offers fifteen acres of beautiful gardens where, on summer days, you can enjoy relaxing in the sunshine. In winter the children will love exploring the glasshouses where a tropical temperature is maintained all year round. With Koi Carp in the pools and a butterfly house to explore, your kids will love the range of colours and spotting the butterflies hiding amongst the flowers.

8. Wibbly Wobbly World of Play

Adult FREE, Child £4.95

A child sliding down a slide
Let the kids run free while you sit back and relax

Wobbly is soft play area, designed as a world of pure excitement for kids. The centre offers a relaxing seating area for parents as well, with freshly prepared food available for everyone. Once the kids have burned off all that unused energy you’ll be able to have the evening to yourself.

9. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery


Birmingham Art Gallery building
Fall in love with the cities most impressive pieces

With free entry and a range of exhibitions throughout the year, the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery isn’t just for the kids. This huge museum is guaranteed to have something that everyone will find interesting. Feeling peckish after your visit? Then why not check out the unique Edwardian tearooms which offer a wide range of food and drinks within a wonderfully historic setting.

10. The Black Country Living Museum 

Adult £19.95, Child £9.95

2 people eating outside of the Black Country Museum
Step back in time to discover a world full of history!

If you’re wanting to introduce the little ones to a bit of history, there is no place better to start than the Black Country Living Museum. As a completely immersive experience from start to finish, you’ll have the chance to pay for souvenirs in an old currency, explore the streets and interact with actors showing you their story. With 26 acres of interactive fun, the museum even boasts some of the best fish and chips in the world.

11. The Peaky Blinders Tour 

Tickets from £29.95

A man dressed as a peaky blinder walking through the snow
Become one of the Peaky Blinders while visiting Birmingham

Although Tommy Shelby is only a fictional character, the notorious peak Blinders gang truly did live in Birmingham during the late 19th Century. The Peaky Blinders Tour takes you around the city on a tour to all the top locations. Perfect for the older kids and a family trip!

12. Rush Trampoline Park 

Tickets from £8.00

2 girls jumping on a trampoline
Bounce to your heart's content

Let loose and enjoy this crazy park completely designed for your enjoyment. From a cosy and warm café, you can watch the kids go wild and bounce to their hearts’ content. Enjoy a cup of coffee or even join in the fun with the children!

13. West Midlands Safari Park

Admissions varying depending on ticket, date and time

A zebra looking straight at the camera
Come and meet some of the most amazing animals from around the world

From the arctic tundra to an African Village, step into a world full of adventure at the West Midlands Safari Park. While visiting the park there’s a chance to visit the safari and catch a glimpse of some of the 'big five' while there.

14. The Donkey Sanctuary


2 donkeys on the hillside. 1 is a baby
Meet and get to know the wonderful donkeys at The Donkey Sanctuary

Come and explore the wonderful world of donkeys and the love we have for them. The Donkey Sanctuary is home to many donkeys waiting to be loved and visited by you! With staff onsite at all times to answer your questions, the sanctuary is open to everyone.

15. Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum

Adults £13.00, Children £9.25

A child playing with science and created bubbles
Interact with some weird science!

For a family fun day out, Thinktank Birmingham offers an award-winning experience for the whole family. From planetariums to interactive installations, there is much to do that’ll get the kids involved in some fun science.

16. Warwick Castle

Tickets starting from £13

A view of Warwick Castle during summer.
Discover your inner knight

Release your inner knight at Warwick Castle! Perfect for kids of all ages that have an interest in a bit of history. With day tickets and overnight stays available, Warwick Castle offers an array of activities ideal for the little ones. Travel back through time and learn what life was really like when knights roamed the lands.

17. Lapworth Museum of Geology


Fossils in a wall
step back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the earth...

Come and explore ancient life and how it has developed over 3.5 million years. At Lapworth Museum children can explore history and interact with the workers to learn more about life. With educational talks, tours and arts and craft activities, there is plenty for everyone to explore.

18. The Blue Lagoon Beach


Family sunbathing on a beach
relax, unwind and breathe...

As odd as it sounds, there really is a beach in the middle of this land-locked region. The Blue Lagoon Beach was made in 2015 as an escape from the city and has been running successfully ever since. While you relax on the golden sandbanks, the kids can run free in and out of the water in a seaside paradise.

No matter the weather, cost or type of activity you and the little one's fancy exploring, there is much to do and see in the city of Birmingham. With many of our great serviced apartments located across the city, staying in our accommodation makes accessing Birmingham simple and easy. We even have plenty more tips and tricks to help make seeing the city that little bit easier. So why not come and explore the city and enjoy all that it has to offer!

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