The UKs Most Expensive Car Parks

Like them or loath them, we all have to use them at some point. Car parks are notorious for a number of reasons and there’s one that can really grind our gears; prices!

Let’s be honest, if we want to grab ourselves a golden spot right outside our destination, we’re facing a reasonable charge. Of course, there are the budget friendly twin car parks just a stones throw away, but you will have to be an early bird to catch that worm.

It’s bitter sweet; but one thing thing that is definitely not so sweet is the charges we can find ourselves left with when clocking out! In some cases, we risk paying more than double the minimum parking fine; for as little as 3 hours!

We decided to dig a little deeper to track down some of the UK’s most expensive car parks. Can you guess which city came out on top? Check out our latest infographic to find out!

Grace Tebbutt

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